Keyword Rich Articles??

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Hey guy's!!

I'm in a bit of a fix financially and know I am a good writer of articles so have been online today and found someone wanting articles in my niche, paying good money for keyword rich articles (approx 800 words). could someone please explain exactly what one is i.e whats the keyword density, where to put keywords for best effect etc??

All help greatfully received!! =)
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    Hi there,

    Keyword rich varies I think account to people's definition. When I write keyword rich articles it has the main keyword in 2 or 3 times and lots of other keywords relating to the keyword. Other people say a keyword density of 3-5% is suitable.

    Make sure the keyword is in the title and then mention it about once a paragraph and that is usually enough.

    All the best


    p.s. have you thought about running a WSO for your writing services here to raise cash?
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      Cheers buddy,

      Thanks for the info! I have faith in my ability as writer but not so much in research, as such I am concentrating my writing in the niche I am building a business in if I can. I'd be able to write a lot quicker and so earn more where I have knowledge.

      So one keyword per paragraph? What exactly do you mean by other keywords relating to the main keyword? =)
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        This is hard work. Target a three word key phrase like "Farming WOW gold". Then find satellite keywords {mining, ore, smelting, bars, bullion, coins} make sure that you have the key phrase in TITLE, Heading, bold subhead, ALT TEXT, comments, url, picture name, body copy, anchor text, etc.
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