Quick question: is this a scam?

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Hi all, I have a few gigs on Fiverr---one is simply to make a few phone calls for someone. I recently received the following message and I don't quite understand what what he wants me to do or what his angle is. Does this look shady to anyone?

Thank you!

I am interested in your gig, so I will fill you in on what I need and you can tell me if it's doable.
At the moment, I am currently located in China (originally from Canada), and I am trying to get signed up with a domain parking company. I have the domains (web site names), but because I am currently in China, they don't trust me for some reason.
So I need you to use the information that I give about me, and the "whole picture", to get me accepted into the domain parking site. If accepted, I will give you a bonus, for a job well done. Because, there is no way I am just going to give 5 bucks (4 is what you "take home"), to do something like this.
Please let me know if it is doable. If so, we can chat on messenger in greater detail to understand one and other better about this gig.
Thank you,
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    Quick answer: of course it is
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    As a domain pro, I know there're people who're trying all kinds of ways to get into ppc domain parking companies that reject them. I guess they find a new way of using Fiverr :-)
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        Thank you guys-- appreciate the help. My scam sensors were tingling; I'd never really heard of someone using this angle.

        Thanks again.
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    always go with your gut feeling!
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    If you're okay with circumventing the rules of the domain parking company, committing some measure of fraud, and possibly getting yourself into legal trouble, not to mention that his promise of paying you more is not only (most likely) empty, and has a good chance of getting you banned as a provider on Fiverr... well, go ahead I guess.

    There are probably other hazards involved here that I'm not picking up on. I hope the answer is clear.
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