How to make Web 2.0 properties stick? Damn 50% Get removed?

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I have around 500 WEB 2.0 Props & whenever i post to them, within a week more than half are removed & the next week another half, finally just 20% is Left.
The reason i wanted to use WEB 2.0 Props is that they give excellent results. But when they get removed, the results start turning bad.

What do you suggest?

--> Register & leave the account for a month & then post?
--> Use content without any links & then update it after sometime?
--> Use Unique/Well spun content?

So, what you do suggest & what's your working method on this to make the Props stick?
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    Originally Posted by SeoMonster1 View Post

    What do you suggest?
    Stop abusing web2.0 properties and create a solid marketing plan that you don't keep having to redo.

    nothing to see here.

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    I had the problem with a squidoo lense being removed through through being copyright. In my personal opinion it was not really copyright abuse, but due to their website search tools they categories it as being. The only way to really make a trully successful web 2.0 link, that will not be removed is to make a purelly original. That normally involves writing junk, that you normally find on most blogs, which personally i myself dont really have the time or energy to write.
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    I agree with Andyhenry said
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    More good ideas?
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    Originally Posted by SeoMonster1 View Post

    What do you suggest?
    Keep re-reading post #2 above until you understand it, or until you start earning something, whichever is the sooner.
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      You could also start posting content each web 2.0 property actually want to have on their site.
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        Post only original quality content that fits into the Web 2.0 Toss... However you would be better off building your own site and promote that instead.
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      1. first day 2. second day3.third day etc

      1. create account. some related content without any links. your target content
      4.add a video to your target post
      5.add external link

      i would also say get a marketing statergy or your sites growth will never be more than a ten dollar a month site.
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    Originally Posted by SeoMonster1 View Post

    What do you suggest?
    Start your own web 2.0 site that you have complete control over. Build it up to the point that it has some power. Then see how you like it when people abuse it and post stuff you don't want on it

    The reason they take stuff off is because they don't want what you're posting. Even if you find a way to get around it with minimal work, chances are it will get nailed at some point. I would look for a more long-term strategy, or accept that you're going to be spinning your wheels for a certain percentage of the work you do.

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      Monster, I have news for you. If you have to worry about the crap you post being removed, you don't have "properties". You have accounts that exist as long as the real owners tolerate you.
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    1. Look at the 20% that sticks and do more of that.
    2. Look at the 80% that gets tossed and don't do that.

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