You Know The Saying "Make Money While You Sleep"..I Did Something A Little Different In My Sleep

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Long story! Sorry, i'm no good at shorterned versions!

I used to have this crazy-arsed teacher in my high school days. However, she was quite exceptional at finding ways for me and my fellow students to study, revise and pass tests and exams!

One of the main things i learnt in school was that i hated studying and revising and basically anything to do with taking on new information! A bit of a killer in this business, i'm sure you'll agree!

But Mrs Glaister (she was sooo hot as well, maybe that's why i paid so much attention to her!) used to say to us - "do something different, think outside the box, spice it up, make it funny. do it while your asleep!"

I remember many a time i studied different aspects of physics while speaking in a female german accent or i was in the garden doing roly-polys while recalling French phrases, but you would not believe how much of this stuff i could remember at exam time due to the afore mentioned stupidities!

Now nothing new, but one of the best methods i learnt was reading volumes of text and recording my voice onto whatever new age gadget or contraption you may use (it was a tape recorder in those days!) and then listen to it while you sleep!! I'm sure you've all heard of it, but how many of you have actually tried it..something to do passive and subliminal consciousness or so they tell me!

So yesterday, i find myself hanging out on CNN and Google trends for an hour or so (i know...get a life!) and came across Barack Obama's announcement about the Treasury purchasing up to $15 billion in securities backed by Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. If you're looking for a hot market right now, there you go...this in the most basic of terms means that the lenders can sell their existing loans on the secondary market, thus meaning they have new capital for new loans. So it's loan, loan, loan time for small businesses in the USA!

Now after about 10 minutes, i was yawning, falling asleep, but thought to myself this is good stuff...this is hot right now and there is great potential to look a lot further into this. So i took on Mrs Glaister's idea and found 3 news posts, 5 blog posts and plenty of adsense ads and proceeded to record myself reading, singing, yoddling and beat-boxing all the information into my Mp3! (it's better than a tape recorder!)...and eventually went to sleep with it last night.

This morning the results - woke up groggy, with a sharp pain in my right ear (i think i rolled over onto my side at some stage of the nght!)...didn't talk to anyone, went downstairs had a coffee, switched the laptop on just started writing. Now this is a personal achievement for me!! I am quite lazy when it comes to article writing, i have so my information, swirling around in my head, but do not write down as much as i could and should on a daily basis..i think my record was to write 8 articles in a day and usually a lot less..

So i just stopped after 2 hours of writing and it's very rough (very), but i have written about 5237 words (about!! hehehe) and having split it up into different aspects and topics, i have around 11 articles, they need a little loving and freshening up and i couldn't for the life of me remember the name "Cynthia Blackenship", she's some vice-president of the Bank of the West in Grapevine, Texas (the bank's name was easy to remember in my sleep!), so she is referred to as ****** ***** throughout the articles!

I know many people just do podcasts, youtube, audiocasts, etc nowadays and would just record themselves anyway, but that's all in my near future! This was just a way i found to help with the back to basics, simple art of writing articles!

Now i actually have to do something with the articles!! Anyway just give it a go tonight, before you go sleep read something and record yourself for about half and hour and listen to it in your sleep and just start writing tomorrow morning and see what you come up with!
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