Warning: Be Very Careful With Flash Updates

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I've just updated my Flash player and was pissed off to be prompted to run "your free McAfee Security Scan Plus which you have recently installed".


So I checked it out and apparently Adobe have been bundling McAfee with Flash updates for a few years and they've got really sneaky about informing people about it.

OK, so what? Well, I've spent a hour of my time finding out about this and deleting the bloody thing but at least I've been lucky - other people have reported problems with their existing virus protection being disabled

Adobe Forums: Please STOP bundling McAfee with your Flash Player Update

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    Yeah .. I opted out of getting McAfee Anti-Virus when I had the chance (I make sure to read and understand the text next to any checkbox, AND I always use "manual" installation methods)

    You have to be really careful when installing software - I've fixed computers with 3-4 anti virus programs running at the same time. The owner didn't understand why the computer was so slow .. he said he always made sure to have anti virus and scan regularly. ... lol
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      The ironic thing is, given the problems McAfee can cause to Norton, I scanned the download with Norton 360 and it showed the update as 'safe'.

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        Kinda makes you wonder what else Norton 360 considers "safe" ..
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