Need advice on ScreenFlow, Amazon S3, video player setup

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Thanks in advance for your help.

Ok, I've created some videos using ScreenFlow. I now want to host them on Amazon S3 (have an account) and load onto new site. Here's my questions:

1. What is the best format to produce the video?
2. Will I need a separate video player? If so, where can I get one to use?
3. Is there any basic instructions for placing the code in my page to play the video using the player?

Anything else you think might help?

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    I host all my videos on Amazon S3, and I use FLV producer as my player. Once you run a video through FLV Producer it gives you the code to paste into your webpage. It's very easy.

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    Ed, I produce my videos as MOVs and then convert them into FLV using the Flash video conversion tool (but there are others that will do the same thing).

    I upload the FLV onto the S3 server. Change access permissions and copy URL.
    I paste the link into the HTML playback page on my site. I use FlowPlayer for playback. Easy to configure (and free).
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    Thankyou! I just signed up for an account today as well on Amazon S3. Looks like an aweseome way to share videos...
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    I use MP4 files and use a plugin for wordpress.

    To see a sample go to and look at all the different formats. My amazon is at the bottom of the page

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    I like to use MP4 because of the smaller file size and higher quality.

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