should i use dropbox to stream hosted videos?

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Amazon s3 fails 99% for files over 500MB, i was thinking of using dropbox to host the video and stream the sales video over dropbox , is it recommended?

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    I love dropbox personally and use it almost everytime. Although there are some bandwidth limits you should be aware of. Take a look here:

    Links that use up more than 20 GB/day for Free accounts and 200 GB/day for Pro and Teams (paid) accounts are automatically suspended.
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    i just switched over to google drive. their prices are better. so far, so good!
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      Originally Posted by Steve Longoria View Post

      i just switched over to google drive. their prices are better. so far, so good!
      Store your files on Google Drive and expect it to become part of Google forever..did you check their TOS and their creepy privacy policies , I'd never put business data or apps on Google Drive .
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    Ok, my obvious question would be why is your video 500MB in size?

    Sorry, but that's a bit ludicrous to expect someone to download or stream a file of that size.

    I don't think Amazon S3 is your problem. The size of your video is.

    You need to optimize it or break it up into smaller downloads.
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    You could also use YouTube (if you aren't charging for the video), but make it an "unlisted" video. That way it isn't searchable via YouTube...viewers would have to have a direct link to watch it there. They could, of course, watch the embed on your site without a problem.
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      We have a service called that syncs with Amazon S3 to allow Progressive Download Streaming and RTMP Cloudfront Secure Streaming.

      We don't want to self promote but you might find it useful. We ask all our users to encode their videos to web optimised h.264 .mp4 for our media players. This can drastically reduce video size and will stream across all devices, we have lots of tutorial on this process.
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