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Whats the best way to Monetize your email list and still make good money without sending heaps of BS click bank products.
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    Build a relationship with them and build trust. Make subtle suggestions of products, especially your own. Throw in a few CB products as suggestions. Never hard sell in my opinion.
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    as shawn already mentioned, build a relationship. send a lot of free and valuable information to them. if you want to sell something, dont just send them the sell-email but send them something like "hey guys, heard something about a great product, gonna see if i can find it and send you the link". warm them up and then send them the sale-email. btw in my experience cb offers converse worse then "private" offers.

    You want to build a successfull business from scratch? Then don't miss all the free information at:

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    Try to send them "buddy" email, be friend and provide information to them.
    Don't hard sell your product
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    I have had great success sending the "buddy" email and asking them what they wanted to learn about, or what they were trying to achieve online.

    They will tell you how to sell them when you do this

    After that, just find some great products and promote them.
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    One successful method is creating a market inside your captive audience. Move that market onto their own list. Now create your next market out of your general admittance list. Soon you will have a list for several different subniches and also still have a general list to test new products and approaches on.

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    there are many good products on the internet clickbank or otherwise which you can send to your list... many WSOs for example are really very good. In fact you might want to share free web resources to your list...
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    Provide lots of free useful content and be honest. Relationships are eveything becuase they build trust and once you have that they will buy anything no matter what. Promote things you use and believe in.
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      Originally Posted by thereikid View Post

      Provide lots of free useful content and be honest. Relationships are eveything becuase they build trust and once you have that they will buy anything no matter what. Promote things you use and believe in.
      What is an example of free useful content you send? What can you send me that will separate you from thousands of other Warriors?

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    Build a relationship and provide content and teach them.
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    keeping active with your email list and buyers is one of the hardest things about list building that most people never talk about

    all i do is keep creating quality new blog posts every now and again and email all of my lists which the content is relevant to and send them back to my blog

    this works great for me because i get more traffic to my blog for branding

    i get my posts socially shared a lot more, driving me more traffic building my list even bigger and the snowball continues

    and i also make sales from my blog from my own products

    on top of this i now and again promote something within an email but i always send out a warm up/presell email first and then the affiliate link in my next email

    lol, i have just given away lots of nuggets here which i rarely share ;-) take it and run ;-)

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    You can promote your own products and sell solo ads.
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    ... without sending heaps of BS click bank products.
    You could send them to the good Clickbank products.
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    Originally Posted by ATL View Post

    Whats the best way to Monetize your email list and still make good money without sending heaps of BS click bank products.
    I think in part it has to do with how you define "good money".

    One number that keeps getting bandied about is $1 per month per subscriber. It's an easy number to work with, so for this post, I'll use it.

    $1 per month is $12 per year. There are lots of ways to get to that number.

    > You could sell subscriptions to a private list for $12/yr. Bingo - you've made your $1/mo average on those subscribers

    > You could entice them to buy one item over the course of the year that earned you $12 profit.

    > You could draw them back to your site and hope they click $1/mo worth of ads.

    You get the point, I'm sure. There are infinite ways to mix and match income streams to hit the goal.

    Then it's a matter of increasing your list size and/or the annual value of each list member on average.

    It's a lot easier to avoid discouragement and keep sending out value when you know you may only have to succeed with an individual subscriber once a year. Or not at all if you succeed twice a year with another.

    Not only that, if you approach things this way, you don't need that six-figure or more list and the headaches it can bring.

    25,000 on your lists doing $1/mo on average is enough to have those Wall Street protesters pointing their signs at you, and 5-10,000 will provide many people with a comfortable living.
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    I think there are many strategies.... and all of them can work.

    Maybe believe in building a relationship, which is good. But I know some of the best marketers believe that the most important thing is to establish a relationship you want to build. What this means is that if you going to sell, sell...and if you're want to sweet talk, do just that.

    If any serious affiliates are looking for a new income stream PM me.

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    I think its important for them to know a little bit about who you are. There are so many pretenders out there, they even use fake names. I think you should "be real" and give them as much as possible. Give good bonuses also. Don't just get a bunch of rehashed stuff, give them bonus items that make sense or improve the product you are recommending.

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    Here is how I monetize my list.

    I focus on upfront value, making sure I am over delivering content they want and need (the easiest way to know what they want it to ask them). Videos, Free reports, high quality blog posts, anything that educates, entertains, and engages the readers on my list but making sure what I am providing strategies they can use and get results. People trust you when you give them a suggestion and it works. That is how they know to trust your recommendations when you pitch a product.

    Secondly I always talk in a conversational voice making sure they know I am a person and not a random series of autoresponder messages trying to get them to buy stuff from me.

    I always put a link to a paid product (either my own or an affiliate) at the bottom of my messages.

    Unless I am promoting a launch I don't send aggressive "buy me now" type emails. I'll mix it up usually providing 4 -5 emails of value then following up with a recommendation to a paid product.

    That has seemed to work best for me. It really does depend on your list, the quality of your subscribers (are they buying subscribers or freeloaders) and how well you build rapport with them. It takes time and a lot of effort to build a list that when you send something out you know you'll get sales.
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    Email them every 4 days. Display your product link twice in each email that you send out. Share stories about yourself with your list.
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    Thanks for the tips guys. @ Paul Nichols…some real gems man…@ Randall..I like that stories idea FaSho…McCanbe, good plan of attack.
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