Which Marketing Plan Should I Go With?..

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I'm really confused as to what will give me the best results for my money...I have researched varies marketing plans to drive traffic to my website and grow my business...I've developed many websites before and I'm pretty familiar with Seo, but I am now in a different industry and don't have the time...I'm a Real Estate Property Manager and want to grow my business thru my website...Here is the research I've done as far as marketing online and hopefully I chose the right one....

First option:

Google Adwords, based on the keyword, it will cost me about $700 a month to drive about 300 clicks to my site, if I get a 2% conversion, that would be 6 phone calls or request via my website, and maybe convert 1 at lest I'm hoping. It's just very risky to spend $700 for clicks.

Second option:

Hire a Seo person so I can rank high on the search results...I'm guessing around $600 a month based on what I've read...Only issue with this is that it will take a long time to rank among the top 4 if I ever even do...And yet, Google search results are not demographic unless it's google maps, so visitors to my site which are located in another state are no good to me since my service is locally...

Third option:

Pay around $500 a month to major sites that I have submitted my site to like Manta, Superpages, Mapquest, Yellowpages, Local, CitySearch and so on, these sites have a lot of traffic and with $500 a month I can get featured ads when ppl search for my service in my area, plus it can drive traffic to my site as well...

Fourth Option:

Pay per lead service, there are various sites that you can pay per lead for my specific service in my area. They charge around $30-$60 dollars per lead, the conversion ratio is 1 out of every 4, so I pay for 4 leads and get 1 customer, so I'm at around $240 on the high end....Just seems that I'm paying $30-$60 for a phone call from someone and I don't know if the conversion ratio is really what they say...

I appreciate your feed back...Thanks in advance
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