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I have registered a domain name with godaddy (renewed the registration recently) over one year ago for which I haven't built the site yet.

The name has been in the meantime used by somebody else (how is that possible by the way, since it was registered in my name?) and his website is up and running.

What are my right in this since I am very keen about that name and I want to own it...
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    Hey there.. Hrm that's strange.. Are you sure someone is using it, or is it just "parked" (A page with links on it, which is sometimes what GoDaddy does automatically when you are not using a domain name).

    If you own the domain name and it is in your account, the only way someone else could use it is if you have pointed the domain's 'name-servers' at their hosting account.

    If I was you I would double check in your GoDaddy account under the "domains" section to make sure your domain is still there and that it didn't expire. If it is there, I'd check your name servers or even better just email GoDaddy and ask them about it.

    Good luck with it
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    I think you are right, acesites: I was so furious that I did not even open that site before posting. It does look in fact like a fake site...(Although they seem to have done quite a refined job around the words used in my domain name).
    I have then checked the nameservers and changed them to point to Hostgator.
    Now it is back to mummy...pheeew
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    Finally you got it back and now you must be happy
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    The registrar will put up a parked page on domains until you change the nameservers to what you want. That is standard. I always change my nameservers to my host as soon as I register them. That way, the domain has resolved by the time I want to use it.
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