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My sites have been going down a lot lately. Is it easy or even possible to move my sites from Godaddy to another host. What are the implications? Who do you recommend?
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    Hey Penny,

    I use HostGator and they will actually move your site for you.

    Here is a 25% off coupon I use for all my clients and my personal sites - get25offin2012
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    Moving to a new host typically isn't too bad, and a lot of hosts will do it for you. There are not any implications since the files are moving and you just change the DNS for your domain.

    Other than that you are good to go.
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    Transfer your domain to namecheap


    choose a separate host

    Why anyone would host with GoDaddy
    is beyond me!
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    And once you're on a new site make sure you use a web-monitoring service to alert you to any performance issues or downtime. There are plenty of free services out there!
    Warning Before You Buy Traffic – Make sure you’re using a fraud detection tool to flag any fraud/fake traffic. Fraud can be as high as 30%+ even with so called reputable ad-networks. Works on all media buys incl. banners, pops etc.

    Get a free trial - find out more here!
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    Your new web hosting company will help you move your website and get you setup. Make sure to not change your nameservers over to your new host until you are certain everything is working correctly with your new setup.
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    I'm moving sites in the light of what happened today...

    I had a couple sites that I have been lazy with moving from godaddy hosting..I did not know they supported SOPA, and that the owner was killing elephants

    I will now be moving from them and never doing business with them again.
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    Currently GoDaddy is the target of hackers.

    Anonymous is taking responsibility or rather victory for taking a lot of GoDaddy websites down.

    I personally use Host Gator and have NEVER had a complaint or a problem.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    You need to check with the new host first. There aren't that many web hosts that move sites from non-cPanel control panels.

    EDIT: It's not as easy for a web host to move the account as it normally is: package the account and then restore it. The sites must be moved manually.
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    Penny, I have been using HostGator for over 5 years now, they will help you with everything, unlmited bandwidth and good support
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      Originally Posted by TerranceCharles View Post

      Penny, I have been using HostGator for over 5 years now, they will help you with everything, unlmited bandwidth and good support
      I can second this.

      When ever I have ANY kind of issue, I just go to the live chat and it's usually resolved then. I did have a site hacked, due to a business partner having his computer compromised.

      I remember talking with a man named Ezekial, who told me "this problem is flabergasting!" I laughed in person. He spent an hour trying to figure the problem out and how to fix it.

      Making a long story short, the issue was sent to "Head of Security Administrator" or something fancy title and the site was fixed in a matter of one hour with all of the files infected listed and the changes they made.

      You would think that an affiliate link would be incoming for Host Gator but I LOVE their service and their support.

      Skype: Coreygeer319

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    I have been using hostgator for the past to years and I have never had any problems. They have good support as well. There are lots of videos on youtube that can show you how to transfer them
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    hostgator is ok for smaller sites l use to use them
    my one of sites got to big used to much CU, so l
    had to move to cloud servers else where
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    Hey,I would recommend you cloudclaim.com,They provide good services and they are reliable as well.I am using their services and i am really happy.
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