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hello warriors,

I need the warriors advice about the PR Service. I have been considering instead of spending my budget on advertising. To go ahead and invest it all on Pres release submission services in order to optimize the website for search engines.

I have been relaying lately on PPC on Adcenter and Adwords, and also I am getting a little traffic, I practically not having much luck with them.

I reached out to one of the top 3 press releases companies regarding yearly subscription. I got pretty expensive quote for $$$$.

Although their yearly subscription is big budget, but if I am using it as a replacement for advertising. Then that should be okay.

I have been researching about this topic and came cross an article in SEOmoz about companies spent hell of budgets in Press Releases but they simply doing it wrong.

The writer point of view that if you are using the same service for PR again and again without having an Actual news, then you building the same back links again with the same sites which is not really a good idea.

The writer is not against PR submission, but that using the same PR service for pure back links without news, then you are not really getting much out of it.

The article made me hesitate about going with a yearly subscription.

I have tried this company once for PR and I know their service is great for a single PR.

Would love warriors insights about having a yearly subscription. Shall I go ahead with it or find a better way optimizing my marketing budget ?
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    I would try a variety of different services. Keep track of which ones:
    1. Generate press interest
    2. Drive traffic
    3. Convert that traffic into leads
    4. Convert those leads into sales

    Use the money you would put into the annual subscription to give a bunch of different services a try. Some services might send you more traffic but then you might see another service generates higher quality leads and sales.

    This seems to be the best approach to take at this point.
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    Hi onegoodman,

    To make decisoon up on consider these:

    - How many submitting they provide againgst your yearly subscription?

    - In what schedule (daily, weekly, monthly)?

    - What's the price / value rate?

    - For what places?

    - Changed by them? How often?

    - What's their bounce rate?

    If I understand you correctly then you would do the best for yourself when you provide new press release bi weekly or monthly. Of course, to produce new PRs also need money if you havent time to write those. Test how your PRs perform through these companies you mentioned.

    It may be decided to what does work after an experimenting period. But this is just my speculation.

    Many successes,

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      hi Sandor,

      I narrowed the yearly subscription two to option of $3000 and $5000 (the 5k gets you on sites like USA, Reuters, and NY Times).

      The submission in on daily basis (of maximum on PR a day which total of 365 if I am submitting news every day).

      - This is for US Region (this is the region I am looking to target as well).

      - As far as the bounce rate I don't really have it for last PR through their service. Mostly keeping some stats.
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    You probably will not have that much more success with a PR services. PR service are better for newsworthy type of content

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    Is there an in-between option? Something like a month's subscription? For a method you are unsure of, investing $3,000 seems a bit reckless.
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    It will only make sense if you have Press Releases that are newsworthy or in the interim charge other people to use your service subscription to recover your money. Start a PR service from that service.
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    Man... lol i only use 2 press release sites, and they both get me good traffic. And yeah... both of them are free.

    I can't imagine spending thousands of dollars on press releases. I could better repurpose that money into something else.
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    PhilippaWrites Unfortunately they don't offer monthly service or I would go for that.

    I tried their service with a single PR before which was pretty good since it got picked up by many news sites.

    I am just concerned if I will promote one website only and keep submitting PRs like 1 every week, would that be worthy or useless since a high probability I will be posting the new PRs on the same sites again and again, may that affect my in search engine ?

    If I am spending such amount I am just expecting it cover the advertising budget of that site through the year.
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    How do you do something newsworthy every day, or even every week?

    Any respectable news wire will reject your releases if they don't contain something newsworthy.

    PR wires are not article or advertisement distribution networks.
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      You can try with free Press release marketing for your website and other. It will be help for your website without any cost. But here point is you should to focus for quality press write with your targeted news. Thats all
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