It is very LIKEly that you are about to loose (a lot) of facebook likes

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Facebook has started with their campaign to delete fake accounts and all likes and subscribes that are associated with these accounts.

So people who bought likes etc are def doing to be hit hard and people who generally have quite some likes will also notice their number of likes to go down a bit in coming days.

For example: Lady Gaga lost 32000 likes, Famville lost 45000 likes etc

I personally think this is a very good step from Facebook and long overdue. I wish something like would be possible on removing fake testimonials here on the forum and on the web in general in all kind of shops..
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    I heard FB was doing this.

    It figures, when the entire internet marketing community, looking for any way to game the system, spam the hell out of a third party platform, it all invariably ends in tears.

    I think it's great for FB ads and even better for those people that actually create things that real people want to like because they actually like it, rather than being paid to like it.

    No offence to people selling FB likes, I think most people new this was coming as soon as social media became so much more important.

    Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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      Originally Posted by Richard Van View Post

      people that actually create things that real people want to like
      This x1000 - even relevant to non-facebook activity.

      Basing your business on a 'technique' or gaming a system is never going to help anyone build a strong business. You're always going to be playing catch-up, and fighting fires.

      When the plug is pulled, where are you then?

      Of course, the fast movers will always make money - but they're the guys just doing it, and not selling the report on how to do it - they're just quietly raking it in while others scratch their heads.

      Adding a technique to your arsenal when you've got a strong business foundation in place already, well that's another story.
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    Great news Might slow down the fake "likes" sellers for a few weeks but not for long i imagine.

    Anyone else noticed changes in the reach and viral effect of your page posts recently?

    Taking a look at my stats i have 1,000 ish more fans this month than last, they are being more active than before. Likes, comments and shares of my posts are as good or better than they were a month ago. Yet my reach and viral effect has dropped by more than half in the last 3-4 weeks.

    Are facebook trying to steer me back to their paid ads to inject some of the life back into my page. It just does not make sense that i have more activity, likes, shares, comments than ever before yet stats are falling. unless of course FB have made some changes.
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    Yes there is ALWAYS a way around everything and people will find it...
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    i LIKE this
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      Originally Posted by Joe R Piercey View Post

      i LIKE this
      Me Like this too !
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      Originally Posted by Joe R Piercey View Post

      i LIKE this

      message too short
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        There have been so many services sold that tell you they can guarantee a certain number of facebook likes. But the people who are in charge of figuring out if a like is real or not are pretty smart.

        Kind of like Google employees who are in every marketing and SEO forum on the internet, the Facebook employees are out and about looking looking for information.

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    Hooooray! Again, this will be all the better for people who are not using them.

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    That's great. I get nothing but people spamming the hell out of me in Facebook groups. Makes it really difficult to connect with anyone.
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    First the whole Clickbank thing yesterday and now THIS?!

    Looks like Christmas came early to the IM industry this year.
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    Yes, I definitely noticed this! They're disappearing like Houdini
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    Yes. It's a good initiative of the facebook authority. I appreciate it.
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    I read this on bbc few moments. Quite interesting & wondering how warriors will tackle this?
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    Yep, have seen this in action on 2 of my accounts already
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