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by trnz
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I'm having a great problem increasing my friends on Facebook. When I first went on FB i was suspended for 3 days for asking people to friend me. I stopped asking people all together until recently. I started asking people whom FB suggested as possible friends. This was OK and I was asking 2 or 3 a week but only people with a lot of friends in common.l I then asked a person, suggested by FB, who had 47 friends in common with me. I got a nasty warning post from FB saying that the person had ticked a box to say that "she did not know me personally".
Can anybody tell me how to avoid this problem. I am again in the situation where I don't post anybody.
How can I increase my numbers without getting any problems?
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    Of course adding people you don't know personally is not a good idea. If you want to promote something in the future, don't invest time with FB.. There are other better things to do that worth your time. I have thousands of personal friends (people who I personally acquainted with) but I never promote something to them as I know no one would buy.. lol

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    I suggest that you use the time that you go around asking for friends on facebook and invest in other social media sites like twitter where you can follow as many people as you want.
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    If we are talking about promoting things, I suggest you to focus on twitter, because it is way much better than face book. People on face book are not very responsive to promotions. Twitter is working for me, and it is more easier to get twitter followers than face book friends.
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    You can only have 5000 facebook friends so why not make a Page, you can have unlimited 'fans' and is alot better to advertise stuff.
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    I have 700+ people in my friends list. I don't know the majority. Never faced a suspension.

    Though I normally add people from my schoolhood/college life, mutual friends, known tos and some others. Some others include crushes (often with mutual friends) and a few others.

    Unless you go overboard, usually it isn't a problem.
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    Will suggest you one thing never ask anyone to send you friends suggestion. I have bunch of profile with more than 3K friends and whenever i open any of the profile i see lots of friends requests what i really do is create a profile on celebrity name setup complete profile with info upload 5-6 photos and just sent request 15-20 people Do it you will start getting request
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    I got 30 days friend request block from Facebook, because more then two people report against me.
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      Originally Posted by DerekGann View Post

      I got 30 days friend request block from Facebook, because more then two people report against me.
      Stop trying to be friends with people who don't want to be your friend. :rolleyes:
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        Originally Posted by Joseph Robinson View Post

        Stop trying to be friends with people who don't want to be your friend. :rolleyes:
        Yeah I got it later that I was doing wrong. Thanks for advice.
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    Sometimes it's just a matter of doing too many friend requests. Facebook will can you for a couple of days if you do too many friend requests in a day. I get new friends a lot of the time by finding a big internet guru on facebook and going through the comments in the thread. I find comments that look interesting and then I "like" the post. Once I like the post, then I send a friend request. I get a lot of mine accepted because people don't take big offense to someone who liked one of their own posts wanting to be friends. It seems like a natural thing that someone would want to do when they like something you posted. I'd feel bad marking someone for spam who liked one of my posts. You still will have to make sure you don't do it to much though.
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    You cant have too much friends in FB because they restricting fb members from spamming.
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    These people are not your friends, and they're not going to buy anything from you. So stop wasting your time. You want to promote via Facebook? Set up a fan page, hell set up a dozen pages, they are free. Select from different markets/niches. If you start getting some fans liking your page, you know you have a page people are interested in... naturally, and therefore a potentially profitable niche. Start posting updates/news shares this audience might be interested in (just a few every day or so) people will like and comment on your posts, and their friends will all see that, and hopefully come and like your page too. VIRAL... get it. Once you have a page, or 2, or 3.. that gets continous interest and whose fanbase is constantly growing, time to invest in some Facebook advertising... make sure to target people who are interested in your product. So if your Niche is Heartburn, target people who are fans of the page Tums.... (I'm all over that niche by the way so don't mess with it Now you got yourself a large targeted fanbase..... go sell to them! That's facebook marketing in a nutshell for you! Damn, maybe I should have turned it into a WSO..... Cheers.
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    Don't try to make people to be your friend, create a fan page and gain fans. Try twitter much more easier.
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    Maybe you should create a fan page, with that you can use app to promote it
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    If you want a lot of facebook friends, play one of the games. There are sites to get people to play the game and they will automatically accept you as a friend. The thing is, these people aren't your target audience and they probably wouldn't buy anything.
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    I have pretty good solution for your problem. I always like to entertained my facebook friend by posting comics post, jokes and funny cartoon. You need to keep it mind that facebook is not a serious place. People like and love to fun. I have good number of friends and my friends also have good numbers of friends. This is the way to build trust amongst with each other. Just keep everything within in limit. You would get more friends automatically.
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