Don't Think You Can Make $1 Million With Internet Marketing? Guess Again!

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A great story is making the rounds today in the news media about a teacher who started an "internet marketing" business in his niche - teaching (go figure).

TeachersPayTeachers was started by Paul Edelman in 2006. As a former teacher, Edelman knew that teachers were often stretched by long hours and limited budgets, not to mention pressure to improve learning performance. They often shared ideas and teaching strategies.

Then the light bulb went off: Why not let them make money sharing their ideas?

So now, thanks to his website, teachers can post their original material and lessons online and for about for about $5 to $9, other teachers can download and use the materials. The lessons often cover about two weeks of learning on any number of subjects.

Now here's the really cool part - using this site OTHER teachers have gotten wealthy selling their stuff.

Teacher makes $1 million selling lesson plans | National News - WLWT Home

If this doesn't motivate you, I am not sure what would.
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