IPv4 addresses running out soon! (by 2012)

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it is certain that ipv4 will run out this year and i read that prices are going up. my question is, with ipv6 addresses available in abdunce, why the increase in price? is there a value (or more specifically seo value) for ipv4 addresses?
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    just supply and demand - a lot of people don't understand ipv6 and dont want to migrate...
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    Isn't these IP addresses supplied by ISP automatically? So why buy?

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    My ISP still doesn't support ipv6, they're the first ones to do the move. All my websites already are on ipv6 too
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    ipv4 are usable by approximately 100% of ALL internet users!
    ipv6 are fully usable by approximately 0% of ALL internet users!

    And it has ******NOTHING****** to do with how many people understand ipv6. How many HERE understand ipv4 BASICS? Probably VERY few! How many understood it when they first went on? I bet it was less than .1%! It has EVERYTHING to do with how the full network understands ipv6. A LOT of small sites and small "hosts", and even some BIG hosts and isps, just don't support it yet.

    Does THAT clear things up?

    Let me ask you this. Assume that peanuts and walnuts tasted the same and had the same nutritional value, and peanuts were easier to grow, and cheaper. Would the walnut industry dissappear? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! WHY? Because some people are allergic to peanuts and can't have them! It is the same with the internet. ipV6 is better and cheaper, but does that devalue the ipv4 market? NOPE! WHY? Because SOME CAN'T USE IPv6.

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    ipv6 is so powerful and gonna be a big difference
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    It sounds GREAT! FAR larger address space(though that may make it slower), a STANDARD tunnel built into the protocol(though that may make it slower and require special software), and the ability to securely run without an SSL cert, and I believe the ability to have switchable routine. It does sound GREAT! Sadly, it is taking a bit of time to tool up. I said that YEARS ago, and it appears to still be true.

    At least, when I first said it, FEW had the ability to use it on their clients. I think NOW, MOST DO! And many home routers may be ipv6 compliant. NOW, if everything ELSE gets in line, we will be all set. Maybe the final stated goal can be met! One of the stated goals was to give EVERY person their own address space. IPv4 can't even give every person ONE IP address! IPv6 could EASILY give everyone DOZENS! Maybe one for each appliance they have(Like the fridges that can surf the internet and order stuff), each alarm(Like those that can be accessed via the internet), cars(etc...), cell phones, clients(Most homes today LEASE ONE for a limited time, but with IPv6 everyone could have a separate one for each computer), etc..... Of course, IP addresses put a load on ALL routers between the two spots. MOST today use ports, if not name resolution. Those put the added load on the target system.

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      in a nut shell every device out there, mobile device, pc, lapop etc need to have an IP address. because of the ever growing amount of devices IPV4 cant privide enough IP addresses.
      So IPV6 has been launched back in June2012.

      IPV4 is made up of the following number of bits.

      (32 bit address)

      IPV6 has (128bit address)

      I was told once that with IPV6 there is enough IP addresses to cover every square meter on the plannet....so that should keep us going for a while

      as for paying for it, these are just addresses assigned to a device when it connects to the internet so i dont think we will have to pay for it as the ISP provide the address, and you are already paying them.

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    There is no branding value in IPv4, so it doesn't matter much. Its not like phone numbers where it is easy or difficult for people to remember.


    IPv4 addresses are 32 bits long and number about 4.3--109 (4.3 billion).
    IPv6 addresses are 128 bits long and number about 3.4--1038 (340 Undecillion).

    IPv6's addresses are deemed enough for the foreseeable future.
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    Yes - we have been saying that IP addresses are running out for years.

    .... and still idiots are still running around saying "Get a different IP address, or eveb better a class C for EACH domain"

    Friggin idiots

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