"What would you do if you didn't have to focus on making money?"

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I have heard this question in various forms from so many different highly successful people, but I've never actually considered it myself.

I've always thought "yeah they say that, but in reality it's just the fact that they have so much money that they can afford to think like that at all".

But just now I thought, "what if there is something to this?"

And I just realized: If I really were working right now solely on doing something that I wanted to do, and not working just to make money, I would probably be focused on creating a very unique online resource right now that I have been meaning to create for the last several months (but haven't been able to because I've been too focused on making money).

I realized that it is possible that if I actually completed what I've been meaning to do, it might even end up making money for me eventually in the end.

I posted this because I am wondering: Has anyone here actually just done something solely because they wanted to do it, without regards to money, and had everything "work out" with money in the end?
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    I'd be doing the same thing as I am now - rock and gem hunter, slabbing and cabbing, selling and leading hunts - and writing Kindle books. The only change I've made is that I have gone from PLR books to writing for myself.

    If you are doing what you love to do, making enough money not to worry about money doesn't change what you like to do.

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      How many times have we heard from very successful marketers ...

      "Don't focus on making money. Focus your attention on providing value to your customers in your niche and the money will follow."

      Maybe if you do what you truly love and want to do, you will be giving your followers great value.


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    I kinda feel like I'll always be hustlin, and no amount of money will ever satisfy me. You just start adapting to a new lifestyle, you take things for granted, blowing $10,000 a month starts to become easy, then you strive to make more, and the cycle continues.

    Would I ever make a site or product out of happiness alone (nonprofit)? Yes, I already have. It didn't earn me a dime, but I kept with it for awhile then lost interest. Not for the fact of not making money, but the fact that it became time consuming to write about. I would rather spend my time enjoying my hobby personally. Writing about it ruined it a bit for me.

    But at the same time it depends on your passion. If your passion is politics and spreading the word about something, or the ecosystem/economy, animal rights etc.. then you might have more enjoyment out of writing, spreading the word and changing people's views and making them think, but to me it just seemed counter productive. There's not enough hours in the day and life is short.


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    I would start a charter school founded around the Finnish education principles so my son is guaranteed a good quality education.
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      I would spend every minute with my family watching every sporting event they participate in, eating dinner at the dinner table together for every meal, vacationing with them, etc. I'm very involved with my kids and being financially free would be a dream come true. My immediate goals are to get there before they are grown up and gone.
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    I'd be on the beach somewhere warm, not in Ontario facing another winter that I really dont want to deal with. But I will have to wait a few years before I can do what I want.

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    Right now i'm not focusing on making money. I use my money to pay for my college tuition right now. I'm going for computer networking, and it's something that i can see myself doing for the rest of my life... no matter how much money i'm making online.
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    I'd be the same really. The main reason that I like to many money is to basically buy free time for myself. When you're stable money wise, a lot of worries are stripped away so you have a little freedom to do whatever passions or interests you want on the side. When your mind is relaxed and you're not stressed, it's easier to do things like write or read or draw or whatever it may be.

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    When you are involve in something that money is the motivation, you will notice that when you are not able to make money from it, you get frustrated and give up. Unlike when you are motivated by passion, because if you love what you are doing you keep doing matter what. Which would help you think creatively, other than financially...
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    I would write massive 30 page papers that call out the so-called "thinkers" of human society and rub their noses in the $&^* they glaze us all with.
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    I would continue what i'm currently doing.. it's fun so why stop?

    I would also travel around the world, give my parents more money to enjoy life, buy more self-help books, audio, DVD.
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    I would travel around the world with my wife and family. Enjoying the best of the world can offer.
    Relax on the beach, enjoying local food, talk with friends, all things that make people happy. But the problems all this requires money so i am back to focus on making money, no other way lol.
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    I would spend much more time teaching my young Son how to speak English, as growing up in an environment where nobody else speaks English makes it tough for him to learn.

    I would do a lot more scuba diving.

    I would visit my friends down on Phuket much more frequently, and go out Marlin fishing with them.

    I would write the sci-fi novel I have been planning for two decades.
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    This probably belongs in the mindset section.

    I'd drive a cool old traditional real hot rod through every state in Australia and North America dropping into shows, visiting museums and going to swap meets and focus on increasing my skills on the banjo and guitar.
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    This is a great mental shift but in order to do what you want with out having to worry about your bills and all that other stuff you need money it's just the world we live in.

    And I would just chill with my friends and family and go on holidays
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    travel, travel and travel!
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    I do believe that there are still people out there whose main priority is not 100% centered on money-making. There are those who are passionate about helping others through coaching or helping people how exactly to get started in this business.

    I personally think that if you focus on what you are truly passionate about, money will come next (and very easily), and all else will perfectly fall into their right places.

    If I could, then I'd be going places, try to learn a new language, learn how to fly a plane, and read tons of books!

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      Inasmuch what you are doing is acceptable in the sight of God and will also be a benefit to humanity, even if your main goal is not just to make money, i bet you money will follow in a long run.

      secondly, you shouldn't be focusing on money making niche also especially if you don't any proof. they re other hot niches out there people will still pay for. example is "Health niche".
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    I would pamper myself with luxuries. I would also love to see the needy people having a smile on their faces by sponsoring an fun event. Ermm... maybe rock concert would be an ideal choice.
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    I will be singing my life away.

    I was actually torn between choosing IM and music but somehow, IM took the toll on me.

    I'm currently contemplating automating my business, have a manager and get into the music industry.
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    I don't really focus on money itself. I focus on success and providing value. When I do that the money just comes anyway. Don't get me wrong. I love money and money loves me but it's not the end all of be all.
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    What a great question! I have been doing this for the past 2 years, I decided that I wanted to Travel, not fancy dancy traveling, but relocate temporarily, integrate myself in the culture, work virtually, take some time off, and I did it! I simply downsized my material stuff, looked at my spending and quickly realized what I need to stop spending money on, and now my debt is so low that I don't need to make alot of money and have choices of what I want to do with my day, very rewarding.
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    I saw a video recently that asked a question just like this. My problem is, I can't seem to find anything that I enjoy doing.
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    I would be doing the same. I love what I am doing and I haven't felt I missed out of anything by working.
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    Inspiring thread here.. I would be an actor and just act.. all day long.
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    I have started some blogs with the intention of making money and others more because they are topics I am passionate about, enjoy writing about, etc. The ones I started for money make more money than the one I'm passionate about but I enjoy working on both types.
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    Oh my goodness!
    If I did not have to focus on making money, I would:
    • Stop job hunting for a job I don't want anyway, just to be able to pay the bills.
    • Keep doing what I'm doing. I love internet marketing and always have to have a goal to reach and a plan to work for. So I would want to keep working toward being a successful online marketer.
    • Edit my manuscripts, and write more.
    • Finance my website that I want to get started "for fun" to help others. (It's a support group site of sorts, but currently can't justify the upkeep as I have neither time nor technical knowledge to get it properly started.)
    • Pay off my house, possibly buy a bigger one.
    • Travel to different places to visit my fam, or possibly to the beach, and live that "internet lifestyle" I always hear about :p...
    • ...as well as travel to different countries to do charity work, just to be able to fulfill my calling to help others and see some more of the world.
    Many of my "dream pursuits" involve helping others, not seeking the almighty buck, although, sadly, the need to finance a basic living often supersedes the other things I want to do that are more charitably or philanthropically based.
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    Van Halens' new lead singer

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