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Hi Guys,

I'm new to internet marketing What is the best strategy for promote clickbank product:confused::confused:
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    I have had great success setting up a review blog. Every day review one or two clickbank products, post them to the blog and build links to each post you make.
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    Originally Posted by msspirit View Post

    What is the best strategy for promote clickbank product:confused::confused:
    Start with the absolute basics. This thread may help you, I think: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7110523

    And welcome to the forum!
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    You omitted one extremely important info: as vendor or affiliate?
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      Originally Posted by shipwrecked View Post

      You omitted one extremely important info: as vendor or affiliate?
      If that's unspecified, and someone's entirely "new to internet marketing", it means "as an affiliate", don't you think? I'll bet you a bottle of Champagne to a cappuccino.
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      To promote your clickbank product you will generate unique links to the list of your products.

      These unique links will direct the potential buyers to your list of products.

      You can also promote your product by offering the customers some unique benefits out of your products.

      You will also make a review blog of these unique benefits to discuss it to your potential buyers.

      I hope this can help you promote your clickbank product. Start generating links now and be competitive in internet marketing.

      Good luck!
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      thanks a lot
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    If you want to be an affiliate and promote, I would suggest you either buy a copy of the product yourself and go through it. Then you make a REAL review on the product outlining the pros and cons. That way when people read your review, they won't be like you're doing it just to make some money off them. Ultimately in the end, you want to give them a fair and honest review based on what you thought of the product.

    You can even email the vendor and ask for a "review" copy, they are more willing to give it to you because in the end, if you make sales, they make money too. I've done this in the past and it works. Good luck!

    Ninety-nine percent of advertising doesn't sell much of anything.

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    Before you even think about spending your time and money on actively promoting a Clickbank product I would suggest

    1) Read the sales letter and put yourself in the place of a potential purchaser. Would the sales pitch appeal to you, does it look like it would solve your problem.

    2)If yes ... Is there leakage on the page. In other words is the vendor (seller) asking for your email for a free course or autoresponder series. If so, go to Marketplace and sign up to promote the product. Once you have your uniqure url, copy and paste it into your browser and enter your email details into their opt in form.

    3) When you receive your emails from the vendor click on them and then click Buy the product. You will be taken to the Clickbank payment page. Scroll down to the bottom and check your affiliate ID is on the order form. Do this for each email you receive from the vendor and check. ( You need to remember that if the vendor has set up a good batch of emails it may take 5 or more emails to be seen by someone who is interested to pull the trigger and buy.)

    4) I would suggest that before spending time promoting the product invest a little money seeing if it converts. Spend $25 on PPC/POF/FB and see if your visitors convert.

    5) Remember that buyers can request refunds for up to 60 days so you need to monitor your results and refunds claimed before building websites/blogs etc and wasting money.

    6) When you find a product that is profitable for you stick with it and grow it. Don't bounce around too much to start and spread yourself too thin.

    Good luck, take action and never give up.
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      There is no "best" strategy, there is only what works for you. So take action and find out what that is!
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    I know others have said this, but make a good honest product review about the affiliate products and people will trust you to buy the product.
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    If you want a long term business I recommend build your squeeze page to collect people emails for every market you want to target.

    You have to build trust first before sale anything and you can also sale related products to them forever.
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