Just starting on fiverr: how to proceed?

by jandd
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Hi Guys,

I have just started on fiverr and have made my first sale with my first review.

I am eager to try and find out how best to market my gigs (mostly IM and article marketing related).

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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    How about adding your gig to your signature and join more IM forums?

    People there are always looking for outsourcing.

    I've seen people posting their fiverr gig in the sales sections of those forums as well.
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    Forum marketing is best for fiverr gigs. Put your fiverr gig in your signature and try to give some valuable posts in forum.
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      Originally Posted by mahol View Post

      Forum marketing is best for fiverr gigs. Put your fiverr gig in your signature and try to give some valuable posts in forum.
      I'm not sure if this would be the best but it would definitely be a great start
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    Cross promote to your fiverr gig is the fast way for your gigs feedback grow.
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    here is how to proceed...
    Go to warrioor forum search function

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    If you don't have a video yet for your gig(s) then you NEED to make one. I started a long time ago as a Fiverr buyer, but I started selling on a week from last Friday. No sales that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I made a video Monday night. I woke up Tuesday morning with 3 gigs and so far I am getting at least 2 gigs a day. VIDEOS ARE A MUST HAVE. Good luck!

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    yes, videos are key. A video will definitely draw in more attention, rather than just posting simple pictures. You will clearly see its efficacy immediately.
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    Here is one more tip: fiverr lets you add upto 20 gigs. Make sure to use them all. Use 20 different variations for the same service, i.e. Use different titles and description, and see which one performs better.

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    Let's talk reality. And the reality is you make money when customer buys your gig. Then you deliver the work with promised/top quality, they leave a great review. Others buy again. You build reputation. People buy and buy again. That's the story in brief.

    Now, let's look at it from a customer's point of view. I spend my hard earned $5 based on a few points-

    1. The gig delivers exactly what I'm looking for. If I'm not sure, I send a message to the fiverr and ask for detail.

    2. I shortlist the gigs and choose to send message based on rating. Higher the rating, more the chances of success with me.

    3. If the fiverr doesn't reply my query promptly, I don't buy. Doesn't matter what his/her rating is.

    Let's look at your condition-

    1. You have an excellent offer. Who doesn't want his/her article to be posted in 24,750 directories. But you don't have any rating. So, you must find a way to get some ratings. I'm not a fiverr. So, I don't exactly know how to do that without selling. Why not ask another fiverr of related but different category. Such as find another link builder who won't find you a competitor and will feel free to share some marketing techniques with you. Then you can support each other and earn money together.

    2. Personally, I won't look for a fiverr in warriorforum for sure. So, I don't know if forum marketing will work or not. But link in sign is definitely a quick start. I'll go directly to their website and find someone. So, build reputation on fiverr dot com itself.

    3. Building more gigs without promoting any one properly - I don't know how profitable this would be. Someone experienced should answer this matter.

    I hope this helps.
    -M. Bari
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