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I have a blog with several posts that I created since June. None of those posts have tags associated with them.

I have only recently learned of some of the benefits that tags can provide, such as increasing the exposure of your site via the granular keywords that can be used in tags.

My question is whether or not there is any value or negative impact in going back to all the old posts, adding tags to them and submitting the post update.

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    I usually try to include at least 5-10 tags per post. I'm not sure if there is an acceptable limit or not. I'm also not a source on what tags are for - but my understanding would be that Google (or search engines) first target these within your posts/entries to see what your blog or website is all about.

    Maybe somebody could provide a more clear explanation?

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    You can add few tags for the old posts. Google will be index the tags. There is no bad impact, this is safe! The tags can increase exposure of your blog.
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    Definitely add tags, won't hurt to go back and could even benefit you, make sure you have about 5-6 tags with a keyword, it helps increase your page ranking in Google.
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    There is nothing wrong with adding tags to old posts. It is best you do, that way people or visitors will easily find your content when they surf or browse online. If you use WP plugins like SEO Ultimate or All-In-One SEO Pack, there is no need to manually add tags to content as this is taken care of by your plugins upon posting content and adding relevant data on it.

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      It is best practice to add tags to your wordpress posts. Google will easily pick up this tags and use it to index your post. Try to add about 7-12 tags on every of your posts. There is nothing wrong in adding tags to your older posts.
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    Definitely start using tags ... easier for you to climb some ranks on search engines
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      Good to use tags with keywords that relate to the content of your posts.
      It also serves as another way for visitors of your site to find content they're looking for.

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    Thanks to all who responded! I really appreciate the information.
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