Is worth the money? My experiment

by tomcam
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Just had a press release submitted through Worth the price, but a couple of notes.
  • The press release does indeed get submitted to dozens of legit media outlets, usually local newspaper and TV sites.
  • They give a pretty thorough report of where the press release got published. I like that a lot. If you were submitting press releases for a client, this would make you look like a hero
  • After two days, none of the press releases has appeared on Google News. My $15 WebWire submission did make it.
  • The HTML page on showing your press release modestly demotes its own links to nofollow so that your links will get more of the glory
  • Upon submission, it looks like all the other sites publishing your press releases convert your links to nofollow as well. But somewhere along the line, links get converted using what looks like some sort of gray hattish technique, illustrated below.

Whereas my HTML source looks something like this (I have replaced all mentions of my company with a generic domain so this doesn't come off as self promotion):

<p>The sale is still open at <a href=""></a>. 
They get converted into this upon submission:

<p>The sale is still open at <a rel="nofollow" href="">http</a><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.examplecom/free">://</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">www</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">.</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">example</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">.</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">com</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">/</a><a rel="nofollow" href="">free</a>.
What someone or something--I'm guessing the SEOPressReleases submitting software--has done is to turn each link in my press releases into multiple links. I'm guessing that someone figured out a way to improve search rankings this way. They may have discovered that showering a page with identical links has some kind of mitigating effect on the nofollow attribute. Probably not a good long-term strategy.

While I disagree with this tactic I shall submit occasional press releases using SEOPressReleases in the future, using a third party (I probably don't release enough press releases to pay for the service myself), in this case the WF's own Colin Palfrey. Not for the sketchy link multiplication but for their widely cast distribution net.
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