Where Is The Best Place To Insert Advertisements Into Blog Posts?

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If you were to insert advertisements into blog posts where would be the prime location to have the ads show up? Or would you recommend putting the ads elsewhere on the site and not trying to monetize the posts themselves?
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    Heat map for pages - AdSense Help Here is a heatmap of best places to put Any type of ads that Google suggests.
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    If you have a sidebar on the right, put it formatted to fit in the left of the post, top. If you have a sidebar on the left, reverse it (see my blog to see an example).

    Stick with the biggest square unit. banner size is "ok" but the biggest one is the best.

    Stick with only 1 module, unless you have a great place for others, because more ads you have on the site, the less they are worth as they go down. So that means, if you put ads on the top and the bottom of the post, the bottom ones are worth less.
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    • There's actually more to this than you might think.

      It depends on your WP theme and how you have it configured. Even then you have to test ad placement.

      If you look at the home page of my blog, you won't see any ads. It has a very clean look. But once you click on an article's Read More button, you get the whole article and you can see I've placed ads at the end of each post. They also work well for me in the middle of the post.

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    Yeah it really depends on your theme and even your content. The best way to find your best spot is to test things.

    Now, having said that, for me personally 300x250 ad block above the post, does work very well.
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    You need to install a Heatmap plugin if you use Wordpress and see where your users are clicking. Generally in the middle of the post and at the end work well.
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    I put mines at the end of my blog posts, and to the right side of my blog.
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      I put mines at the end of my blog posts, and to the right side of my blog.
      me too.. I've seen your blog, Randall and I think placing a link to your forum (if that is yours) is a good idea too... also, your blogs seem interesting... keep it up!
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        I don't think there's a one spot fit all position to place you banners. You may find one works great above the fold for someone while it doesn't for you.

        Best thing to do is to test various positions until you are comfortable with the one that not only gets the most clicks but also produces the most sales or profit. I think persons reading all your blog post maybe more inclined to buy if you have a banner related to the topic they are reading as opposed to a person who clicks away above the fold.

        Then again if you are talking about adsense then that would be what you are looking for.

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          It varies depending on what type of offer it is. If you're recommending affiliate products from clickbank or JVzoo etc, you can put those in your sidebar, header and footer of your blog, but don't overdue it or it looks tacky and turns your readers off.

          However, if you're recommending affiliate products like CommentLUV, or WP plugins etc, you could post them in between your post whenever it calls for a recommendation. When you are giving examples in your blog post on how certain tools have helped, you can point to them in your blog post for example purposes.

          But generally, some of the best performing ads are placed on the very bottom of the post, before comments. Because after your readers have read your post, their looking for more information or more post and deciding wether to share or leave a comment, so they'll be scrolling that section couple of times which will give exposure to your ads. BUT, they have to be catchy, such as a banner graphic rather than a text link
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    It depends on what kind of advertisements you want to insert.

    If you want to insert affiliate links then embedding them in the main and relevent keywords is the best.
    For banner i suggest you to use google analytics to check where your visitors are clicking the most and put the ads somewhere around the most clicked place.

    I personally prefer putting ads in at the top of the page and in the sidebar
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    Text links often work well within the article content. For banners and image ads, beneath or above the content. But as others have said its something you really need to test on your own blog. Small little design changes in your blog can have an impact on things like this.
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    I try to have a text link in the first 160 or so words. I have had sales result from RSS back when I did affiliate marketing.

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    Are you guys really finding a lot of success with middle/end ads? Do you think this may be an effect similar to "tip jarring" or "buying a beer" after really stellar content?

    For me, I've seen them work the best when placed in the top and opposite side of the page from the sidebar like I mentioned in my first reply here, and that has been pretty universal for me in my sites that actually get traffic (EMI barely sees visitors currently).
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