I am in serious need of some help!!

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I've already successfully set up an on-demand sales site that nets me $300 a month every month for the last 2 years without me doing anything at all (since the initial work done in 2010).

I'm now about 6 months into internet marketing, putting in 8-10 hours a day. But I'm not seeing much in the way of returns. I'm trying to do this straight forward and honestly, no special SEO tricks, no accounts in different names, buying traffic, none of that. I want to build up something genuine that will work and last.

I have two sites, both loaded with content, updating every day or two. The first site covers hiking/climbing with posts on how-to and various niches within that sport/hobby. The second is an adult site reviewing prostitution services (hey, they are legal and regulated in many countries). I run adsense and Amazon affiliate ads on the sports site and adult and dating ads on the adult review site.

My results look like this:

Sports site (6 months old) - 1500 visitors per month / 3000 pageviews / 200 visitors from search engines.

Adult site (2 months old) - 700 visitors per month / 2600 pageviews / 200 visitors from search engines.

I'm making $10 a month from adsense, averaging 15 clicks a day, split evenly between my site and related youtube videos. I'm making $5 a month from Amazon affiliate sales. I tried some other affiliate networks but got nothing. I haven't made anything from the adult sites I advertise.

The most money I've made came from the sale of a 125x125 ad on the sports site to a small company for $150 / 12 months. This at least covers my hosting.

And that's it. No more income to speak of.

What can I do to monetize here? Is this enough traffic to earn income? Should I focus on traffic or conversion?

I am in serious need of help and would be incredibly grateful to anyone who can help.

I'm thinking of writing some guide for both subjects and selling them on the sites as either clickbank ebooks or kindle books. I know quite a lot about both subjects. Is it worth it?

Thanks for any help!
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    Do you have a good selection of forums in your niche that you can begin participating in? Something like that can boost activity a lot. You can use your sig line of course, and you can also get with the forum staff and offer them and their members something special that lasts a while, so they will sticky a topic for you and you'll gain traffic through the participation you inspire there with your offer to the community. It can be anything related to what you do. Join up to 5 or 10 forums in your niche. Grow those visits to more like 3 to 4 thousand a month, even though, yes, you could monetize that traffic. You could try content gateways with the sports site, if you can think of content they would want, but can only get through the gateway. Adult site, I guess memberships.
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    this thing I will tell you will be a golden for you:

    sell your banner ad space in buysellads.com, that's the brokerage for ad spaces.. you'll get passive income from there. =)

    thx for thanking me.. lol
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      Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

      this thing I will tell you will be a golden for you:

      sell your banner ad space in buysellads.com, that's the brokerage for ad spaces.. you'll get passive income from there. =)

      thx for thanking me.. lol

      I'm going to try that for my sports site. I don't think they take adult sites though, right?
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    Are you collecting opt ins?
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    I have a mailing list on the sports site, but I've not received even a single sign up!! I don't have one on the adult site. I started using two forums for the sports site and it's brought a lot of new visitors to my site, but I haven't seen a real increase in sales. I can only find two forums about the adult topic and they do not allow signature links!
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    For the hiking/climbing site:

    Start reviewing and writing about places to go hiking and climbing. There are sub-niches you can target such as extreme outdoor adventures. And you can write about extreme hiking and climbing.

    You can monetize by contacting various local businesses in the places where hikers/climbers can go do what they do. Ask if they want to buy some ad space.

    You can also become an affiliate for traveling to those places. Booking flights and hotels.

    Maybe get visitors involved by asking if they want to write an article about where they have gone hiking/climbing. Ask for pics, etc.

    Do research at Amazon for best selling hiking/climbing gear and equipment. Write reviews about them and link to Amazon. Be an Amazon affiliate.

    Write about news stories for hiking and climbing.

    For the adult site:

    Not sure why you're reviewing prostitution services. Any good affiliate programs.

    I've read about 3 different people who have had great success using Facebook for their adult oriented site. They created a FB page and posted pics of hot women, etc. Didn't take long to build up quite a fanbase. They then drove people to their sites. You can do the same.

    They monetized their sites with membership affiliate site offers. Cam sites, niche porn sites, etc. It's a tough sell due to the amount of free porn on the net. Forget trying to build a list in this niche.

    You can also write reviews for the sites you're promoting - cam sites that are paid-for.
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