IM apps you can't live without?

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Hi all,

I'm wondering what iPhone or Android apps you find cool or even indespensible for email and IM in general. I think it's a given that if the AR you use has one, then that goes in the must have column. But what about the other cool tools you are using and willing to share?

I'm doing some research and would appreciate hearing what ones you find useful.

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    The following are some useful apps that I have.

    News Republic, AppGarden Lite, avast! Mobile Security, aDownloader, Auto Memory Manager, Beautiful Widgets
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    GetResponse App
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    Evernote and the Gmail app. The basics, but very useful.
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      I use Evernote,Google Apps, Get Response(for emails) and Skype

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    Evernote, Skype, and Dropbox. Very useful tools to help streamline my business
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    No such thing as an app I can't live without.

    I use a twitter app and a facebook app but they're not even necessary let alone essential.

    nothing to see here.

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    Thanks all!

    I want to compile a list for a blog post about top apps for IMers. I appreciate the feedback!

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