How To DOUBLE Your Money With GOOGLE!

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Hey Everyone,

We've been working on Google "systems" for the past few years, have spent 100's of thousands of dollars on advertising and what I'm about to reveal to you is what we found works best. It's simple, but it took a lot of testing to discover what really works best for PPC. For the "make money" niche anyway.

So, you should already know that you need a squeeze page to collect optins, then send your visitor to some sort of "offer". The thing with squeeze pages is, you MUST include video! Just your average page won't do anymore.

Make it a page that has great design, just a headline, and a bullet point above your optin is all you need. People think they need tons of content now with PPC on google because of the "google slap".

You don't need tons of content for squeeze pages!

Google rewards pages with video. So having a video squeeze page will do just fine. Also for the keyword your going to target make sure it's in the title tag, as well as your display url. Make very small groups of keywords, and individual squeeze pages for each group.

Now where do you send these visitors after they optin??

To an offer of course. But not just any! The thing is that "most" people who search google are really burnt out on offers. So if you hit them with an OTO, or send them to an affiliate link, you won't get many sales...

What you do here is think outside of the box. What do most people searching the Internet want? Free information right? So give them what they want! No, I'm NOT saying to give them a free ebook...

The trick here is to give them something for free, but you make money at the same time. Such as a PPL campaign. EXAMPLE: You'll teach them how to setup their Google campaign, if they join google with your affiliate link. (Replace example on what topic you teach and find a PPL or even pay per sale affiliate program to fit into that.)

You would think if people want free information they won't pay for anything. Not true. Your giving them the free info they need, so they will buy what you tell them to so that they can get your free info!

That's the basic strategy. Write a short sales letter for them to see after they optin. But at the top and bottom of the sales letter include Google adsense. This works because most articles have adsense on them. So when visitors see the adsense it will look more like an article, then a sales letter. Plus, you'll earn money for their clicks and that will lower your PPC cost.

With this simple strategy we were able to double our money every single month with Google! It took TONS of work and TONS of testing to come up with this simple strategy, so take action on it.

Please post your comments.

Until next time,

"Don't think you can,
know you can and just do it!"

-Nick Marks
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    Those are some great ideas. I didn't even think of a video squeeze page. Thanks for sharing!
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      Video squeeze does seem to do well in Google eyes..

      And I like the extra ideas you added... Kudos dude


      Bare Murkage.........

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      Originally Posted by Amy Bass View Post

      Those are some great ideas. I didn't even think of a video squeeze page. Thanks for sharing!
      Tell you the truth, I was even surprised to find out that just a simple video would work better then a sales letter type of squeeze page. Guess that's why we test so much!

      Nick Marks is an author, speaker and was announced as the Internet Marketer Of The Year 2007 by Russell Brunson & DotComSecrets.

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