Testimonials in "testimonial BOXES" or on Right side Column of site?

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So do you guys think it is better to have 8 or more testimonials in a BOX within the context of the salesletter or put them in a small table on the right side of the page like i see some sites do it...and put only 3 or so within the body?

What do you guys recommend? thanks!

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  • It totally depends on the type of site you're doing.

    If you're doing a long salesletter, pop a few in the salesletter in the flow of your message -- putting them in the sidebar might pull your reader's eyes away from your copy, and mess with your process.

    If you're doing short copy, put a few in your sidebar, and put a "read more!" link at the bottom to a testimonials page.

    I'd also suggest putting testimonials within your product descriptions (if you have more than one product), too.

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    I think both methods have its good and bad points. For longer sales letter, I will prefer to sprinkle 2 or 3 testimonials at the beginning and some at the end (near to the call to action)

    Again, there is no right or wrong answer. Do some split testing to determine which one pulls in the more sales for you. A good free tool is Google Website Optimizer.

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      Great answers, thanks guys!! Yup, test everything....I think it's a good idea for me to not include it on the right side, since my letter will be pretty short...and i want them to ORDER.... so it might confuse them too much, but i will sprinkle a few in the salesletter w/ a MORE HERE...link...

      thanks ....any more opinions are welcome also.

      I will have a salesletter for an ebook...i will also have an autoresponder set up..so should I put that on the top right corner, or in the body of the letter?
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