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I just wanted to share a quick post on how important testing and optimizing is. I created a product about 2 years ago, The launch went well but after the initial launch sales really dipped, actually they almost came to a hault. Literally this product was just sitting dormant for over a year and was only making about 1 sale a month if that (sorry I wish I took a screenshot of the before).

Anyway about two weeks ago I decided to mess with this product a bit and do some optimizing. So I went ahead and changed the headline first and BOOM! the new headline instantly boosted conversions (see screenshot below). This product literally went from making no sales to what you see below all from changing just the headline and nothing else.

(I know these aren't crazy sales numbers, but this product is in a really, really small and obscure niche)

Wish I would have done it sooner, I left alot of money on the table over the past year lol but thats what happens when you get lazy.

Also the launch could have done triple the numbers if I would have tested the headline prior to launch .

Anyway the moral of the story is to always be testing and optimizing, Many people think that the only way to make more money is with more traffic but that isn't always the case. By testing and optimizing you can make more money with no extra traffic.

Hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

and keep testing!!

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  • Thanks for this post.

    It is very true.

    I am a data FREAK when it comes to what I teach and how I present my product to people, so this does appeal to me.

    I'd have split tested this still, though-- as this data might still yield some POSITIVE, but still insignificant data... (From what I surmise.. I mean, if your product is 1.00 - this is VERY much a lot of data--- if it is a 23.98 dollar product, this is still a little sample size)

    In addition, how much traffic did you get to get these conversions? What is the percentage?

    Again - I love the positive results- and your message is well, WELL, taken - but - depending on your traffic, you can optimize even further here!
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      Hey auction!

      Yes I totally agree with you, the product is a $27 product. I didn't send any extra traffic to this offer, it just receives traffic from my blog and content. I don't have the actual traffic figures for you but it is very minimal traffic.

      What I will be doing now is adding a complete salesfunnel to this product which will boost sales even more. I did this with another product of mine and sales tripled from it.

      I don't have tracking and analytics installed on this product (again a product of laziness lol, but this product was just something I threw together initially). I will be adding tracking to this product so I can get some better numbers to share with my fellow warriors.
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    Couldn't agree more on testing. I'm always amazed at what headlines convert. I have studied copywriting extensively and every time I think I have nailed a headline, I test and find out something I thought was crap actually converted the best. Testing is the only way to truly know what converts. Good luck with your continued rise in sales.
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      Yea it's funny because I didn't even change the entire headline, just moved around and added a few words.
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    Copywriters ain't just whistling dixie. The words on your page really do have
    a huge effect on your sales. Nice share.

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      Thanks Jeremy
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    Awesome stuff man! Just shows how important the behind-the-scenes part of marketing really is. I'm someone who dislikes testing overzealously. I will be making some changes to my sales page later on today.
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    I need to start split testing my sales page LOL.

    Sales have trailed off recently, so it might need a headline change or two.

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    Thanks for the share. I'm in the process of starting my testing. The real learning happens when you are able to test something and get feedback. The great part of this industry is that we get pretty immediate feedback... if what you are doing isn't making you money, it's probably not working.
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    I used to do a lot of split testing with Google Adwords, but now they have to manually review every single individual ad, so it is a mess. In an A - B test they can approve "red widget" and decline "blue widget" - I hate manual review. Before I could submit an ad and it would be 15 minutes and it was up. Also now, you cannot control when your ad goes live anymore. That is important if you are doing a special promo.
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