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Do you guys delete subscribers in your list if they are not opening up emails? If so with what follow up should I delete them. I have little over 50 subscribers when should I start seeing some $$$ in your opinion. Should I be giving them free reports every once in a while?

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    The most important thing to do is not spam mail them, but think about the reason they subscribed to your list.

    They subscribed for a reason, maybe for a product or a video you have created. So you need to get their attention with the same thing that they subscribed for.

    I wouldn't remove the inactive subscribers yet, just be patient and try grabbing their attention like you did the first time with your product.
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    Deleting subscribers will never be a good option for you, is my suggestion. Besides that working with only 50 subscriber is nothing to get a result from building lists. I think you should emphasize on increasing more subscriber. You can have a quick look at this page now -

    How To Get More Subscribers to Your Email List

    When you have plenty of them, now is the time to implement something perfect and get result. If some subscribers wont open you email retry for several times and what is more always to try to share those email which are really helpful for him.
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    i delete all of my subscribers if they haven't opened an email in 2 months

    with regards to sending them free information i do things a little different but it works
    like gangbusters

    i create content on my blog and then send my subscribers back to my blog a lot of the
    time to read the content

    the best thing is, all of the content which you create will be live forever and will always be there

    Vs creating content just for email follow ups which can't be socially shared and generate you more traffic into your business
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    I delete my unsubscribes off of my list ! But as far as those that do not open, I haven't really thought about it and I guess I maybe I should set a amount of emails that do not get opened before deleting the address.
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    This is what's putting money in my pocket Right Now!

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    WARNING: take those "open rates" with a grain of salt!

    Open's are tracked via a small embedded clear/invisible html image. If the person receiving the email does not have their email client set up to allow html and images, then they will not register as having opened it, even though they did.


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    Be patient - the speed of your results depends on your niche. Wait until you get at least 500 subscribers before you make any crucial decisions. Keep building your list.

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    No I do not delete people who do not open. What you are sending at them at the moment may not be of interest to them but if you created a new product that they are interested in, you may find that they may even buy something from you.
    People are bombarded with so many emails every day you have to have good subject lines that make people want to open your emails. So if you are opening other people's emails is it because of their name or did the subject line interest you?
    If you find a good subject line you can use it or something similar.
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    I got a sale off a guy after 5 months.. so I wouldn't assume anything. Leave them alone!
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      i studied list building for 6 months before i even attempted to build one i did this so i would be able to get the best results and so i would know what to do when i have people on my list.
      My first attempt at building a list got me over 70 subscribers in 24 hrs which i am quite proud of and was able to send 45 hops to an affiliate product in the same sitting. I would say 50 subscribers is too small of a list to be getting rid of "potential customers" be patient and keep building
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    I think you can keep them in your email list. Because they subscribe to your email, they should be your potential customers. They may be make deals with you when they deicide the time and other factors in the future. So you can send your relative product or service information to them.
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    Guys, with emailing, by deleting you're deleting your future. Remember this. Who's to say that in the future you'll make a sell off someone who hasn't even opened their emails in a year. It's the most rewarding feeling seeing a sale off someone that normally I would've deleted and decided to keep. Obviously, delete fake emails, letmein@example.com is an obvious deletion, but keep the ones you feel have potential. Just my 2 cents.
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    Before deleting thoroughly "test" the subscriber(s). By this I mean send them a variety of things so you're sure that they are just unresponsive. Try different types of product, links to blog posts, etc.
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    I just opened an e-mail from someone and I know I hadn't opened one in a few months from that person. It seems fine to leave them on your list, but if you are getting close to having to pay an extra 9.95 a month as your list grows, then I would re-evaluate things. Also, be sure to remove those who have unsubscribed as they still can be counted towards your total subscriber count with some autoresponder providers. I also get some from the same person that go into bulk folder so it's possible some of the e-mails are going straight to that folder.

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    Some people will just sit on your list until they feel they are ready to join your biz, buy your product or service. Be patient. I still make great money from leads that have been on my list for over 6 months.
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