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I was wondering people's opinions on using press releases in order to get traffic...are they effective or a waste of time?

I am about to start promoting an affiliate product heavily...I just finished tuning up my blog and going to try to put adsense on it before I get traffic....and then I was going to try to get traffic to it by using a press release and a few different articles.

Does anyone have any thoughts on using press releases....or this approach I am using in general?

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    Press releases work great if they are written as a press release. There is a ton of information on the Warrior Forum about how to do this, all you need to do is a search for it. Plenty of info on other sites too. I seem to remember that wikihow has a good outline.

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    Hi J:

    Before you write the press release do a Google Search for the several sites that allow free ones and those that have paid services.

    You will notice one common thread and that is the regimentation. It is as if congress passed a law on how the contents are constructed. The reason you want to find out first how many characters can be in the headline, what the body allows, etc is I can't tell you how many folks found out the hard way.

    They wrote something very solid but it was outside the guidelines for the word count in a specific section. I don't want you or anyone having to do the work twice.

    Look at several both in your niche and outside to see what catches your eye.

    Hope you have great results!

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      When you mean by "Press Releases", I believe you're only referring to releases online and not offline ones you mail to the media in envelope.

      Anyway if that's the case, you can read my report here (no opt-in).

      I love the organic search results you gain as a result, but hate ones having to display email because you'll get spam robot harvesting it.

      Once I got a call from England in the middle of the night. Someone wanted to contact me after seeing my name associated with a product. He called all the way from England.
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    Thanks Craig and Kalidasa for your feedback. I plan on drafting and saving my press releases/articles to a microsoft word document so I have them "just in case" and also for future reference.

    And Takuya, I am referring to press releases online. I am going to go with free press releases for now because of: 1. I have a tight budget and 2. I have done some research and found that free press release sites work just as well as paid ones.
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      I worked for a short time in college as an editor at a newspaper. If a place is understaffed, underpaid, they often just slap press releases up as a story. Great to get free press.
      That said, you gotta provide real news, interesting stories. A thinly veiled ad for a product isn't going to get you anything besides a link on some news site for SEO purposes.
      I think it's a waste unless you have a real hook, and can distribute in a real way to real reporters.

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        Yea Friends

        PR works great if you have any new product launches or services types news with fresh content.

        if you are using advertisements so it'll not approve. A press release must be newsworthy and interesting.

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    I thought it was mainly for building backlinks, I think it would be good for product launches to though
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    Should I just use one of the free press release sites, such as pr.com, for a submission or should I submit the same press release to numerous press release sites, i.e. freepressrelease.com,i-newswire,pr.com, etc.

    I am thinking of submitting about 5 different press releases, once per day, in order to get in the search result for google and was wondering if submitting the same release to different websites would matter or not?
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    Press releases can definitely help. I offer this type of service, by the way. A link to my portfolio is at my sig
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    Press release is really a good strategy. They Generate traffic very quickly. But see that you release the domain. Not a single internal page. They wont allow internal page press releases.

    I advice you do press release for your domain if you have not done yet.
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    I have never tried press releases, but I have heard good things about them. I have a mate that offered to do it for me at a low price, I just don't understand the whole concept behind though. I prefer article directory submission honestly!
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