WANTED: Artisteer Gurus!

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Ok, I think this might be a long shot but I'm pretty frustrated right now

Ok, I can laugh at myself but this is getting pretty frustrating. Once I export a file and then open it in Nvu... then upload it - none of the graphics/images are there.

I've uploaded tons of sites so I know I'm uploading everything correctly. Could there be something I'm missing here in regards to working with these files in Nvu?

I've been going back and forth with their support but all they're doing is implying I'm an idiot - maybe I am! lol
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    Have you tried logging into your server with an ftp program to see if anything has uploaded.

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      yes - it's all uploaded (Filezilla)

      Also tried editing with Kompozer and exact same issue
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        Originally Posted by Jeff Hope View Post

        Bear in mind that Artisteer references all its images through the style.css file. Could something have happened within NVU to the style.css file to change the relative location of the /images folder that Artisteer uses?

        That was actually it - I finally resolved it later that same night...

        In retrospect, their support is first class and very responsive - it really was all my fault.

        Forgot about this thread and just wanted to post here in case anyone was curious about the product.

        Artisteer is an EXCELLENT product. Actually surprised I had never heard of it before...
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    I don't have such problem with Artisteer. If you changed your images using NVU or other editor the relative path will be changed.

    The new image(s) relative path will be replaced with the path to your local hard drive drive.

    Hope that helps

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