Effective way to get Free massive traffic consistently?

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Does anyone know any good method to get free massive traffic online? What I mean here is instant traffic flow to your website consistently with no investment so SEO and article marketing are out of the topic. I am running a health niche site and building a list here. My site is new can't afford any ppc, ppv or any other form of paid advertisement at this moment. Any suggestion?
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    Natural and organic traffic my friend. You're not going to find someone who's going to just randomly send you free targeted traffic, and if you do, let me know. I'm going to build a site in that particular niche and get in touch with the guy who sends you free targeted traffic.

    Learn SEO, read up on the latest updates, get in touch with the fundamentals and once you fully understand it, implement it into your site.

    Continue to update your site, start a blog attached to your site and watch the organic traffic start to flow in. As far as "free" and massive traffic goes, ranking highly in the SERPs for a targeted and high competition keyword will be your best bet.

    However, that traffic will mean squat if it's not targeted. One million random visitors that aren't targeted will make far less than 100 visitors that are targeted.


    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    Give your site time and work on SEO. You can't expect a sudden influx of traffic over night from a little bit of work. You need to constantly work at your site, working through different areas such as social media, on and off page seo. Any work you put into your site which is of high authority and well done, will pay of in the long term and see you getting a more sustained flow of traffic in the future.

    Make sure you spend the time now so you don't waste your time in the long run.
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    SEO is a good free way to get massive traffic consistently but since you asked for something else... no, there isn't, at least not for free. If there was everyone would succeed online easily.
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    Actively involved in related health forums. That's free and will give you consistent traffics.

    Or answer people questions on various question answer sites.
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    How are you with video? If you have a camera or camtasia you could start making videos right now.

    Pay the $20 and become a member of the video forum. Kurt has a HUGE layout for video marketing that you could follow.


    Suck a video? Hate creating them? Let us do it for you. Get a custom video for 1/10th the industry standard price: http://www.angulusmarketing.com/Video.html

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    There is one way to get a lot of free traffic to your site. If you had your own affiliate program and had 100's of affiliates all promoting it, then you would get free traffic for life because as time goes by, more and more people will join your affiliate program and promote it in many ways.

    It is kind of like a snow ball. It starts small at the top of the hill but once it goes down, it grows inch by inch very fast.

    If you don't have your own affiliate program, I would use video marketing, articles, and blogging.
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    There are ways of obtaining traffic for free such as free ad sites (check google) and as pointed out, Forums. However, I have learned that when you first start out, massive traffic flow at the beginning shouldn't be relied on.There doesn't seem to be any short-term success plan around and I personally have found it necessary to spend some money to help speed things up.
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    * Guest blogging: Search blogs which related to your niche (health) and have high traffic. Then regularly write high quality blogposts and post them to the blogs.
    * Forum marketing: Search health forums which allows signature links. But don't spam them. Obey their rules.
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    The best way to get free massive traffic is using viral marketing techniques. I would say that this is even better than search engine traffic because you're not competing with anyone else for "top rankings". This is how all the top internet marketers on clickbank do it. They create huge e-mail lists by using other people to promote their products and collect e-mail addresses in the process. Although this is not the only way to do it. You can also create viral ebooks, etc.
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    • Originally Posted by nthomas00 View Post

      The best way to get free massive traffic is using viral marketing techniques.
      Would you like to elaborate the process of Viral marketing? I am not familiar with such kind of marketing techniques.
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        Viral marketing is when you get other people to spread the word about your product or service via jv or affiliate programs, or other methods such as building a downline of people who are promoting your product for you. Check out vtrafficrush.com or listoutbreak.com to get a better understanding.
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    The most effective way is to go out and actually do marketing. You can sit and ask questions and doubt yourself all day long, but it wont be until you actually take action that you'll see traffic.

    Just like always I'd say look for forums and blogs in your related niche ...

    Please do not use your signature to promote affiliate/MLM programs

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    I know this thread is a bit old, but I will share for the benefit of others who may be asking the same question.

    One very fast, free, and simple method for driving traffic that has been very successful for me is to simply communicate with website owners in your niche.

    If it is a free report you're giving away to build your list, you can approach the website owner with a review copy. Tell them that you can help their audience with your information. Be sure to really give good info and over deliver. You might provide a short "teaser" report as content for the website owner leading to the "full" report if they sign up to your list.

    If you're selling a product, then I would offer the website owner an affiliate link so they can make money too. Again, provide them with a review copy and directions on how to become an affiliate. Maybe even help them to set it up if they are not familiar (believe it or not, depending on your niche, they may be just blogging because of their passion for the niche and not really be focused on monetization).

    Either way is a good method for getting access to an existing list.

    When I first began using this method, I was AMAZED. The website owner really liked my report ("Get A Great Job Fast"). She promoted it to her list with a link to my website where they signed up to my list in exchange for the free report.

    I only contacted two site owners and within just a few months had added almost 400 subscribers to my list.

    You also get the benefit of good backlinks to your site, and you're building relationships with movers and shakers in your niche.

    This is one way to do it. There are many additional ways to do it, but this is one HIGHLY EFFECTIVE method.

    Hope this helps some budding entrepreneur out there.

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      There are plenty of ways.

      You can use forums, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter... mainly
      social media is where it's at for getting free traffic.

      For Youtube you may need to learn basic video skills but the
      rest are wording things properly and linking to your page.

      Best wishes,
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        I know the OP is three years old, but this is one of those questions that keeps coming up, so here goes...

        My local mechanic used to have a sign hanging in his shop:

        • Good
        • Cheap
        • Fast

        Pick two out of three
        In this case, it would be:

        • Free
        • Massive
        • Consistent

        Pick two out of three
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    Originally Posted by Alex Lin View Post

    Does anyone know any good method to get free massive traffic online? What I mean here is instant traffic flow to your website consistently with no investment so SEO and article marketing are out of the topic. I am running a health niche site and building a list here. My site is new can't afford any ppc, ppv or any other form of paid advertisement at this moment. Any suggestion?
    Buy warrior forum ads, it is good for converting into $$$. it is tried and tested!
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    First optimize your site for search engines. Dedicating yourself to a social network, frequently update the contents of your site, guest blogging, social bookmarking sites, building your email list, create a free product or service and include your URL in your signature.
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    Use blogging connecting with people in forums by giving advice.Use social media sites to connect with new people and this way get traffic to your offers after they learned who you are and learned to trust you,

    Discover 10 Little Known Free Traffic Strategies Click this.

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      Over the years, I've obtained quite literally tens of millions of dollars in free advertising by writing articles for top online/offline publications in my niches.
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    You summed it up with the word consistently. Leverage authority sites to get indexed and traffic...
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Forums like this one of course and whatever products you wish to market. I've had some success with Backpage on some Clickbank products. Video marketing is free and it also works so consider that. As mentioned SEO is great and is too free that not a lot of marketers use.........

    Ed Sunderland

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    You should do blog posts (if it's good content people will find it), some youtube videos, sprinkle in a little forum marketing and top it off with some good old fashioned Facebooking!

    I'm in the weight loss/health niche as well and it's worked for me

    I hope that helps and good luck!
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    Dont try or go for shortcuts.Content is the key for long term steady traffic.
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    Surely it's all about quality not quantity?
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    For your purpose, consistent traffic is important than the instant traffic. For example, viral traffic is almost instantaneous but it may fade after some time period.

    Also, you need a targeted traffic if you are building a list. If traffic to your site is a targeted traffic, though in trickles but consistent, it will help you to achieve your objective. Instant traffic cannot be a targeted traffic always.

    Blogging, YouTube videos, and social media content syndication gives consistent free traffic and you can make that traffic a targeted one by implementing a right strategy for each one of those depending upon your niche.
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    Start a blog and write some good quality content and ping each article to get it indexed. Google has gotten better in detecting spun or rewritten articles so make sure to write articles yourself or outsource it.
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    Traffic from forums is free, consistent and targeted.
    1.You can go to findaforum.net ,
    2.Select health from categories dropdown menu,
    3.Pick the largest and most bussiest forums,
    4.Sign up to the choosen forums,
    5.Set up your signature with your site url in it and
    6.Help to people by commenting and answering to their questions with real solutions to their problems.
    Note:the quality of the answer will be a strong factor to have success on this strategy.
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    Just the basics.

    1. Forums

    2. YouTube (biggie)

    3. Facebook

    But your best bet for larger, consistent
    audience is YouTube and Facebook. But if
    I had to choose between those two...

    **How I FLIPPED $80 into $690 Pure Profit With ONE EASY Method...2 to 3x Per Week...Only 30 Minutes Per Day (and how YOU can COPY my RESULTS, too!) **CLICK HERE FOR VERIFIED VIDEO PROOF**
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