Is it worth using DIGG?

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I was wondering is it worth using for submitting links to my projects. Does anyone see them? As I am not sure how it works exactly?
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    Digg has really declined at one point they were a great source of traffic, I haven't seen much from them in quite a while.
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    I have used Digg, but I couldn't get good traffic via Digg. Stumbleupon is better than Digg for me.
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      Digg was great back in the day (3-4 years ago) but they've gone downhill. I agree that StumbleUpon is much better these days.

      I've heard great things about reddit but honestly never really looked into it.

      Ron Desi
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    I'd back that up aswell. I used digg a lot and it was very effective, its not nearly as effective now

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      In my experience with most social bookmarking sites, you only get a little traffic from them anyway, I tend to use them for backlinking my backlinks.
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    It is not worth using anymore IMHO. I have had some success with it 4-5 years ago but I don't bother with it anymore. Better spend your time on StumbleUpon.

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    I much prefer to use Onlywire that way you blast out your content to 47 different sites, some better than others and it only costs around $10 per month.

    You can get a lot of traffic if the content fits.

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    I agree; Digg is a little bit 2009.
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    I remember Digg was on the market for sale sometime last year for a humble price given glorious days it has seen. If you are looking at this as a genuine source of traffic - you have better rewarding social sharing sites at the moment.

    If you are looking form a SEO stand point - there are literally thousands of bookmarking sites now, and many popular auto-bookmarking sites that plugin into many of them from one place, so you can take your pick. Personally, I don't use them anymore. Not that I mean they don't produce results, they may well be helpful, but the quality of links don't fit into my mix anymore.
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    I've used on Digg but I can not get him a lot of traffic, once it was good.
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    I have not seen any appreciable traffic from DIGG in a while now...
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    Hi, in those days digg is not Good.

    Best of Luck
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    Stumbleupon is better than digg now, I do not like their new design and new post rarely get you any traffic.
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    Digg is so 2009 and I don't use it anymore. I stumble now, sometimes it works and some time not but in general book marking is not worth the time and effort anymore. Try something else.
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    digg has also become impossible to use.. it is a pity I spent a lot of time on digg.. all wasted
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    That is funny, I was just thinking that I hadn't seen Digg in quite a while.
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    Digg has really plummeted in the last few years. I used to submit to them every time I had new material. Now their site is just ugly and I rarely get any traffic from it today.

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    Thanks friends, I will try Stumbleupon , maybe it really works better.
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