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Hi all. I have and opt in form on my index page and I want to show a pop up when a prospect exits with out filling in the form. I put pop code there and of course it pops up during refresh, x'ing the page closed and even when I fill in the form.
I used this code but it does not disable the code.

<center><form onSubmit="throughlink();" method="post"
action="YOURMERCHANTACCOUNTURL"><input type="image"
src="IMAGE.JPG" border="0"></a></center>

Can someone please suggest a code to use to have the pop activate only when someone leaves without opting in?
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    Thanks for your responses, Trev

    Thanks for offering your help and advice.

    It is appreciated.


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    I just spent hours trying to figure this out too

    It works for me when that code is at the end of the form submit action code with paypal links ... like this

    <form method="post" action="YOURMERCHANTACCOUNTURL" onSubmit="throughlink();">

    And for typical <a href> links I use target="blank" to open links in a new window and it doesn't trigger the pop up
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