truly get to know your cusomers and subscribers

by RB
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Ok, so the best way to make a living on the internet is too look for the peak point in two converging lines that represent what is being sought after and what you are offering - peak point means peak profit.

Lists, seo, links, copy, added on stuff, ideas, offers, teasers, continuity, adsense, affiliates, lists, gurus.....can I say more?...sure I could.

I've finally realized by fooling around enough, that the only way to know what your customer wants, is through niche and keyword research. Ya gotta know the lingo which you use to communicate with your target population. Use that data, use that lingo to decide about and to find your way in.

Ya gotta know how they search - and they certainly don't search as you do - because you've been gone from reality too long or were never in their world to begin with. Most of us only know how to talk in our own terms. If you don't speak the lingo, you're just another sales person looking for a scam to run without a need to fill.

Those terms have been set by many authorities who have made a bit enough influence on the web to be called successful - but, they may not realize their answer was only good for a minute and one really equals three here on the internet. Number two is always after number 1.

Simply put, don't stop what you're doing, don't forget where you've been, and don't forget where you hope to be going.

An Easter thought. Peace.

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    Ranzuken, when in Rome....
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    It is very important to establish a good relationship towards your customers and subscribers. In that way, they can likewise give you the trust you need that somehow help to boost your business. Our subscribers are the main reason why our business is generating revenue and making some money that we need.
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