IM ruining your success?

by HeySal
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I was just going to answer a pm and realized this is something that everyone who sits at a computer and pretends to be their own boss endlessly without adequate breaks needs to hear.
I was corresponding to someone who has been a tad washed out and glum. He's been working hard. I'm not posting the person's name, our conversation - or my direct reply to him - but I do think people need to hear this. I'm just gonna drop him the link here personally so he can see my response to him (and to you) in obscurity.


It's a no brainer. The mind needs stimulation. I've been on this machine for 16 hour days for long stretches at a time. I never sit for more than 50 minutes at a time - and I walk my dog for at least an hour somewhere Not at home. Sometimes I just take off into the mountains for a few days at a time - hunt rocks, crystals and agates mostly. There is nothing that cranks me more - nature, splendid natural treasures, fresh air (and with luck, blue skies). I go barefoot when weather permits, the soil under your feet aligns you magnetism. I shut down and let my mind wander at will. My best ideas have come to me while out in the wild away from the connection.

We get into this business for freedom, yet once into it many people start driving themselves the same way a boss would. To an extent, that is discipline - too much of it and it is psychosis, self-indoctrination into the accepted conformity...........and the mind (imagination) breaks down.

You MUST keep yourself continually stimulated to be successful. The imagination MUST be given free reign if we are to remain creative. That's not something you can achieve sitting in front of the machine endlessly. Computers are a business tool. They are not the natural order of the being. Take breaks - get outside. Go where you never have, talk to people you've never seen, enjoy a sunset on the side of a mountain, a sunrise by a lake alone.

The business is no better than the sharpness of the mind behind it.
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    Amen sister!

    It's cold here in Chicago but you gota make time for the mind
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    Excellent point... logging off now. lol bb in a few days

    Before I go, its really easy to lose sight of why we started this in the first place.

    Just because you're at a PC, it doesn't mean it isn't work.. and I think that has a lot to do with why some people (myself included) can spend way too much time focusing on their work.
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    I love the enjoyment of playing with my kids. Playing video games, snow boarding, building a snow man, ext...

    That is the main point of me working online. Get to pay my bills and have more time with my family.
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    You're absolutely right. We tend to focus a little too much on attaining success and making money that we forget we're still human. I've actually caught myself staring at the computer a couple of times due to overworking. It's not a pretty thing.

    Taking breaks is necessary. The Pomodoro technique of working in short bursts of time and taking breaks in between is beneficial to those who tend to work for too long.
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    You are right. Also, spending too much time in front of a computer can aggravate antisocial tendencies, a feeling of disconnectedness, and anxiety issues. That's why I make it a point to run and workout every morning and change venues where I write. Being around new people daily helps stimulate my mind so I can be more creative.
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    Great point. Time to chill for a bit >
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    I totally agree. When I spend too much in time in front of my computer my head starts to hurt and I find it incredibly difficult to get anything done. Taking regular breaks from work definitely helps.
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    You are sooo right.. I have noticed that when I get of my PC and go out, my brains starts to brainstorming, and when I'm sitting over two hours in front of screen it just stop working and I'm wasting my time then..

    My working time frames are 1 hour at the time, then I take my baby and go out for a walk..everything is going smoothly after that..

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    I know exactly what you're talking about HeySal. I used to be terrible. Sitting in front of the computer all day because I thought if I did anything else I'd be wasting my time.

    Now I know better...

    The way I worked around this problem started when I learned a thing or two from Tony Robbins about life categories. Basically, by dividing your life up into 5 or 6 distinct categories and making sure to plan your days the night before, you won't fall into the trap of spending too much time in one category (like on your career/business).

    Which I found I used to do a lot. I'd spend a ton of time working on my business and completely neglect other areas of my life like friends or my body.

    We all need to have a balanced life in order to stay happy and healthy!

    - Trevor


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      I agree, you need to keep yourself rested up. After so many hours without a break you start to lose focus, at least I know I do. If you feel burnt out, shut the computer down and take a break, It works wonders. Great post by the way..
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        I can't find the link offhand, but there is actually a biological basis for the need to take breaks and change stimuli. The study showed that prolonged focus on one thing without proper rest and breaks actually lowered the amount of some hormone or enzyme or some such which lead to lowered cognitive performance.

        In layman's terms, you might be working longer but, biologically speaking, you're literally working dumber. :p
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    You need breaks and im a good example of it. I got dry eyes now because i didnt take breaks at all staring at a computer all day. Relax your mind, play sports etc.

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      Great post and so very true.

      It's not until I pull myself away from the computer that I realize how much I needed to do exactly that.

      At times it's very difficult, even if I'm doing nothing. It has a bizzare hypnotic and addictive effect. As stupid as it sounds, it actually takes a considerable amount of willpower to pull myself away.

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    ok.. am I the only one now day dreaming about spring coming around, walking in the woods?


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    What's the point of being your own boss if you can't take longer breaks?
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      I stopped work to take a walk in the snow a few days ago.

      It was awesome.
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        Absolutely right again, girlfriend!

        There's nothing like the great outdoors to rejuvenate everything! It doesn't matter what the season, nature is a splendid, majestic scene to behold and take in.

        It doesn't matter if it is a cold winter night and you stand in a clearing beneath the ever green pines with snow capped branches above while watching your breath puff like a train engine as you listen to the coyotes call to one another under the full moon...

        or a warm spring evening down by the pond listening to the orchestra of night insects and frogs serenading you as a gentle breeze rustles through the new green leaves that have just broke forth from their buds...

        Or a warm summer day in the backyard after you kick your shoes off and your barefeet sink into the plush emerald green carpet of freshly mown grass while song birds sing their hearts out above or a day at the beach watching the waves roll in as the ocean breezes caress your face and the sun warms your whole body...

        It is the best stress relief available and it is completely free! Sometimes you don't even realize your were stressed, but the calming properties of the great outdoors soothes your whole being and you suddenly understand that you were.

        Oh yeah, everyone needs to take a break and experience the perfection of mother nature.

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