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Hey Gang,

I just noticed in my FTP program that all of my wordpress sites have a backup folder in my wp-content folder. named something like backup-75926

Now, within the wp-content folder, some of my sites have just a blank index.php file(0 bytes). And some of my sites wp-content folder have both an .sql file and blank index.php file.

Now, I have the WordPress Database Backup plugin -- but that is in the plugin file, and I don't think it would create backups in my wp-content folder. And I also have it set to create daily backups that are emailed to me.

I also use wp-twin which it creates .wpt files that I transfer to the root of the domain to create a clone... and I also always delete that clone from my sites right after I save it to my computer...

So, I don't think it is either of these backup systems I use.... so just curious what these backup folders are in my root domains? If anyone can help?

In Many Thanks,
Tom F.
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