List building split test, which would work better?

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I'm list building by giving away some instructional videos and books to my niche market. Traffic is driven to a landing page and here is where I'm going to split test.

I'm hearing that video on a squeeze page increases conversion. But, I cannot have video/audio/pop-ups on my landing page. Which option do you think would convert best? Or what would you recommend that's better than this?

1. traffic goes to LP that with great copywriting and asks for name/email here, then takes to download page. (less steps but no video in the chain to increase conversion)

2. traffic goes to LP that with great copywriting and says click here to watch free 1 minute "setup" video, then takes them to the squeeze page where they watch the brief video, then give name/email to get free product. (giving more info and letting them see the book/videos they will get, building repore and using video to increase conversion)

lesser of 2 evils: with 1 there are less steps but might lose some at the very beginning. With 2 there are more steps but hopefully the content that they receive up front will get a better conversion.

what do you think?

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    Obviously you going to have to test this out, but typically the less steps you have in a process the higher the conversion actions from your or leads.

    However that doesn't mean that your sales conversions will be higher.

    So you really need to test this out, try a couple variations and see what happens.

    Frank Bruno
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    I think it depends on what kind of list you want to build: quality over quantity or vice versa. I realize the best of all choices is quality AND quantity, but just starting out, I think you should shoot for a lot of quality members, even at the cost of numbers. And to my way of thinking, that means the extra page with the video on it. The people who stick with you long enough to see the video and then sign up are a notch better than those who would sign up to the single-page with text only, but bail out on you instead of jumping through one more hoop. Give me 500 people who really want to be on my list vs. 1000 passive members any day of the week. Twice on Sundays.

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