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Hopefully some fellow Amazon Associates can provide some insight.

With the normal Amazon affiliate linking scheme, you link to the product page with your unique link and the buyer gets a 24 hour cookie. If the buyer adds other items during that 24 hour cookie you also get commissions on those sales. Correct?

With the Add to Cart linking scheme, the buyer clicks the Add to Cart button on my site and that item has a 90 day cookie. If they complete the purchase within 90 days I get a commission on that item.

Does the Add to Cart button also activate the 24 hour cookie which gives me commission on everything else they buy that session? Or does it only apply the 90 day cookie to that item and NOT add the 24 hour cookie as well?

The Add to Cart button seems like a bad idea except in limited circumstances if it does not also activate the 24 hour cookie.

Thanks for your input!
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    I do not think it is public info.
    Amazon wouldn't like to let people exploit it.
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      Just to clarify, I'm not referring to an exploit or anything, just the official Amazon Add to Cart buttons that you can use instead of the normal affiliate link.

      I'm not sure if the Amazon Add to Cart link only adds the 90 day cookie, or if it also adds the 24 hour cookie which gives you commission on any other item purchased as well.
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    I would think that it would add the 24 cookie but I'm really not quite sure. You should contact Amazon support
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    I have been using Fresh Store Builder for almost 4 years and find that I get more sales from stores that I have the buy now link enabled but at the same time I also leave the cart option but most people click direct link to Amazon and I think it's best to send them to Amazon right away and hope they purchase within 24 hours something since that is how long the cookie is.

    The cart is 90day cookie but I know from my own experience is that I usually delete the cart or go and add the item to my cart again and you wouldn't get credit for that sale since they added it from Amazon.

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    That is a great question and as previously mentioned best to contact Amazon directly for the correct answer, my rugh guess would be it does implement the 24 hour cookie but again bes to contact Amazon for the real RIGHT answer.

    Personally I agree more with NTECH25 and send them to Amazon since normally they wish to find out more info than immediately make the purchase.

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      I agree with previous replies, on those technical matter I think it's best to contact amazon directly.
      I personally use both of them, people usually like to find more details about the product but some who have enough information before, tend to buy it directly without searching any details, they just want to get direct link to buy the product, in this case the add to cart button is a good idea.
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    Personally I like to send them straight to Amazon as well, it's quiet common to sell something unrelated to the product I'm promoting and I still get a commission.
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