Help Plz: Which Template or Theme is this?!

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Hey guys,

does anyone know which template/theme this web marketing company uses for their site?:

Is it an existing theme that has been customized more, or is it a totally original theme/template made for them?

If it is original, does anyone know of a similar theme/template that is close to it, or one which can be used as a base then after lil customization, looks like this one?

Many thanks in advance!
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    Not 100% sure, but I think it's a custom job created by:

    SEO Dubai Website Designing Company Dubai EAU

    Again, I'm really not sure, viewed source code, and didn't see any indication to think otherwise.

    You could email them and ask...couldn't hurt.
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    It's not a wordpress theme, it is customized
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    yea I agree, I don't think this is a theme.

    But you could easily jump on elance or and say "I want a wordpress theme that looks just like this with x, y, and z, changed and customized" Could get you close to what you're looking for and probably won't cost you very much.
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    Thats a cool theme, unfortunately What WordPress Theme Is That? can't tell what theme it is
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    I don't think it is WordPress.
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    It's not a WordPress theme. It is .Net ASP as you can tell by the .aspx file extension of the pages. So I would think it is a in hose custom job, since they are a web design company.

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      Are the .Net ASP ones easily editable/ lighter and user-friendly, or am I better off asking a designer on Elance to design me a wordpress theme that looks like it?
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    You mean people use other means of creating websites other than WordPress?

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    Hi. I think you create your own customized theme because it is useful to make unique design. The your page rank will grow.
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