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I have read a lot about folks here trying to make money online with No Budget, No Real Plan, No Real Idea, and basically No Clue about what to do, and it really makes me laugh...How the hell can you succeed when you dont know what you're really is laughable...I mean if you dont know The Rules, how can you possibly have any success...

Ok so what are "The Rules"? And even if you knew them, just what the hell do you do with them?

Let me tell you right now that I dont know Any Rules, Any Plan, Any Blueprint and half the time I havn't got a clue about some of this stuff talked about on here...I mean Twitter what the **** is this all about, and do I really care...Nah...

But I'll tell you all what I do know about....DESPERATION!!!!

What is desperation?

This is my definition of desperation:

You are in a situation that appears to have NO WAY OUT
The situation is extremely SERIOUS
You can't think of anything else but the situation you are in.
You look at normal people laughing about something and you think they're ******* insane, but at the same time, you would give everything you own to be just like them and be able to laugh at something, anything, just to feel normal again
You seriously think about KILLING YOURSELF, but you know you're not brave enough, but then who gives a Sh** anyway.

You think you've reached rock bottom, that things cant get any worse..then guess what......

Yeah thats right, you havn't reached the bottom wont know the bottom just yet..but in honesty it doesn't really matter...whats another bucket of cold water poured over your head when your drowning in the Arctic.

So where do you go from here.

I'll tell you where you go. You put away the rope to hang yourself, making sure its handy, but out of sight...the ultimate resignation letter to the Big Boss.

You then start dreaming up the most fantastic ideas ever invented by mankind to get yourself out of the situation.

Now if you really want to make God Laugh..Show Him Your Businesss Plan!

There is actually a book out there called this..a collection of cartoons...and you know what?...I found this book in a store when out "Rope Shopping" and for the first time in a very long while I laughed.

Then I thought "F*** It"....I'm going to do something. I knew it wouldn't work, and I didn't really have a plan that anyone but a drug induced hippee would think was realistic, and as for money I had an overdraught of close to $50,000, that was about 1 week away from being called in ( I knew that rope would come in handy! )

I went to the local library and borrowed a book on Dreamweaver. It was that old theat I swear it was written in Latin.

I then built an interent Internet Site that a blind person would be proud of.

I mean it was really bad. I could't do graphics and still can't. So everything was a little bit SQUARE.

I then legged round to my mates house and borrowed his credit card so that I could open an adwords account...."Thanks Steve...I'll let you have the cash back at the weekend"...Oh well another mate lost!

I put up the site and guess what....

I took $300 overnight!!

1 month later I got a phone call from one of my competitors, a guy called Chak.

Chak was one of the brightest guys I've ever met, with an ego to match, who talked in complete riddles.

I shadowed Chak for over 2 years. Where he went ( online ) I went. I never did anything else but postion myself second behind him. He knew this but took it as a mark of respect ( which it was )

In these early days there were no Warrior Forums, No Gurus as we like to call them. Even if there were I wouldn't have cared, because I didn't have someone elses plan to follow...I just followed the guy who was taking in nearly $4,000,000 a year.

He never told me what to do, but I was his not so invisible shadow.

But do you know what the major factor in all this was.....LUCK!

Being in the right place at the right time.

The second biggest factor was MISTAKES

I made that many mistakes ( and still do ) that I go cold when I think of them.

I remember about 3 months after starting, my Google account manager ringing me up and asking if I wanted a premium sponsored listing, as they were called in those days, which would cost me about $1500 a week.

At this time in 2002, this to me was a fortune.

A premium listing like this put you permanantly in the first 2 spots right at the top of the google the time the cost was $60 per thousand impressions. The click through rates were about 12%. These thing were rarer than hens teeth to get, and never became available.

The only reason that I was offered this was because the account manager went to university in my home town, and still followed the football club that I supported...again pure luck!

But do you know what I nearly lost this chance. It took my 3 days to decide to go with it.

We eventually went on to acquire the top 2 spots, sending over $16,000 per month. I later found out that some of my competitors were spending over $60,000 per month on just competing with us on the normal adwords.

So dear reader, is there any point to the meaningless ramble?


There is a way out.

You do need luck.

But more than luck you need desperation. things can happen when you're desperate enough....

My Mantra is that "Nature Abhors a vacuum"...start doing things like your life depended on it and things will happen for you.

You will be tested..this is my Mums favourite.....When thing are really really really tough, you are being tested..its a bit like hitting the wall as marathon runners call it.

Get off this forum now...stop browsing, start doing...come back when you have a question you need answered, DONT get distracted.

Dont buy anything, not Guru offers, not WSO's, nothing....If you can afford to buy these you're NOT DESPERATE ENOUGH!

Do something until you prove it doesnt work. Work 18 hours a day to prove this wont work, then keep going..and going..and going...

Find the most sucessful person in your field who is online. Shadow them, but dont compete with them. Silver medals are great..dont go for Gold...Gold will find you.

Self doubt is will wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat..this is normal and shows you're on the right track.

Never ever take notice of thoughts or worries that come to you last thing at night or about 5am in the morning. 99% of the time these are complete bollocks. If you still have them in the morning, afetr a cup of coffee, then theyre woth thinking about.

DONT discuss your plans with friends or familly EVER..this will disipate your energy and you'll get distracted. In fact dont tell anyone what you're doing...just do it...tell them when its working great for you, but even then I wouldn't..just keep your mouth shut.

NEVER EVER buy into someone elses blueprint for success. Create your need to experience failure to have other way.

NEVER EVER believe anything that you hear or read unless you know with utter certainty that what your being told is true...including this

Create your own destiny, dont be part of someone else's.

Dont worry about having a plan. Have an idea. The plan will develop as you go. If you can see the plan before you start I GUARANTEE that this will not be the plan that you eventually end up dont sweat it!

And finally if your still reading this, and havnt given up the will to're not desperate enough...get off the forum NOW and go and do something that wont work

Please accept my apologies for all the spelling mistakes here, but lifes too shorth to go back through this diatribe to correct it.
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