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Hey Gang,

This is an intricate question, but I tried to find reviews online, and couldn't find any, but figured maybe someone here may have experience with it... or has researched it themselves.

I use Windows Remote Desktop connection in conjunction with 3essentials hosting and Windows 2008 R2 TweetAdder Desktop..

And lately, I've been experiencing a world of headaches with it logging me out, freezing, shutting down, not letting me change passwords, etc... etc...

tweetadder is saying that it is 3essentials hosting... 3essentials hosting is saying it's tweetadder having heavy resources... in aaddition to saying I should switch from Windows Remote Desktop connection to Avian Waves RD Tabs.

So I'm just wondering if anyone else has used any of these programs, and had similar problems as I've had... and if they know of any other alternatives that may be better?

If anyone knows anything about Avian Waves RD Tabs as a safe & better alternative? I just don't like downloading & installing programs I know 100% nothing about... and found no reviews online.

I currently pay $57 per Month -- ($35/3essentials hosting) + ($22 MyPrivateProxies) -- so, currently, it's not even worth it with all the problems I am facing

In Many Thanks,
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    I'm not familiar with the programs you mentioned, but I've been using LogMeIn for remote desktop access for years, and have never had any problems with it.

    Not sure if it would be suitable for your purposes, but it might be worth looking into.

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      Not clear on the options which you have mentioned in your question. I didn't try any of these. What kind of problems are you experiencing from cloud hosting solutions? Why don't you go for some other hosting alternatives?
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