What Facebookers Want.

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Interested in what Facebook users want? First lets see who they are..

Shocker... What Gender Uses Facebook Most?

Male 92 Female 108

Whats the age Group of Facebook?

< 18 - 144
18-24 - 196
25-34 - 104
35-44 - 70
45-54 - 66
55-64 - 46
65+ - 34

Kids or No Kids Facebook?

No Kids 86
Has Kids 115

Yearly Income Index

$0-50k 76
$50-100k 90
$100-150k 109
$150k+ 117

Education Level of Facebookers

No College 105 College 99
Grad School 88

The Color of Facebook Users

Caucasian 97
African American 145
Asian 118
Hispanic 73
Other 99

The summary: Facebook is full of females between 18-24 with kids that claim to make between 100k-150k a year who have no college degrees that are Asian and African American. (I hope you found humor in this :rolleyes: it shouldn't be interpreted as so :p)

Next the affinities of what they want, this can be helpful when choosing categories that'll have a high chance of interest.

Communities 1.3x
Politics & Commentary 1.3x
Instant Messenger 1.3x
Magazines 1.3x
Regional/Local News 1.3x
TV 1.3x
News 1.3x
News/Information 1.3x
Travel News & Info 1.2x
Discussion/Chat 1.2x
Baby 1.2x
Technology 1.2x
Home Decor & Design 1.2x
Apparel 1.2x
Shopping Engines 1.2x

Hope this information helps Facebook Advertisers.

Facebook.com Traffic and Demographic Statistics by Quantcast
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    Seems like everyone's on Facebook.. haha..

    This is probably the best time to use and crush down on social media in your business. This is the "Thank You Economy", no doubt.

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