Best Guide or WSO to learn how to create good Amazon sites?

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I want to create 10 amazon niche sites, I've an idea about what to do, but if I could find a good guide or WSO to learn faster and everything I need to know that would be great.. do you know any?
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  • Doesn't always need to be a guide to learn how. Sometimes you can purchase ready-made websites and reverse engineer them. Since most are on wordpress it's just a case of looking at the plugins used, any small code alterations, html used for product posts and/or information articles and so forth... Look at many service examples, even through flippa for previously sold successful amazon review sites and you'll get a feel for what works.

    You don't even have to buy these example sites if what you want to do is build them yourself. Go to the example site, right click - look at the page source and it lists the plugins and theme it loads.

    Otherwise you're better off learning to install wordpress / themes, finding an adequate review theme and reading their manual yourself.

    You can however buy products from:

    Erica Stone - Extreme review
    Gaz Cooper - Amz Training
    Paula C and Wanda - Amazonian Profit Plan
    Dan Brocks - Deadbeat affiliate is still relevant for learning to make Amazon sites
    Jan Roos

    Plenty of others that I'm sure I'm missing or can't be arsed to find out about. Plenty of info here to get going
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    You are off on the wrong foot already. Stop worrying about 10 sites before you've even set one up. Focus on one site with good content. Once you have that one going, move onto the next. Don't go down the "100 sites each making $1 per day route". It's a dead end.
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    Just google for Chris Guthrie and listen to his podcasts. I really recommend this to learn.
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    Colleen Slater Amazon Treasure Chest | Filled To The Brim With Affiliate Gold... She's authentic and a great teacher - brand new on the market with the latest stuff - start with ONE site; learn how and then expand - NOT an affiliate link
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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    Thank you all, another question.. what's better: a full site with reviews and then affiliate links or a full store like (without those reviews)..
    Obviously the reviews could sell more, but I don't have the time write reviews... are those store-only amazon sites working?
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      Go for a Review website with fresh and unique content but before doing that Read as much as you can. There are plenty of threads here
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