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Hey warriors, I'm looking for a little help with JVZoo.

So I have 4 different products but they are closely related. Here are their price points.

Product 1 - FREE
Product 2 - $49.99
Product 3 - $199.99
Product 4 - $199.99
Or you can get them all for $299.99

Currently the way I am selling my products on my website is a user comes to my site views all 4 products.
Users Download the Free product in exchange for their E-mail. 2 days later they get an E-mail for a $20 Coupon for the other 3 products.

In your opinion should I:

1. Make 4 different products on JVZoo.
2. Make a Sales Funnel starting with the main FREE product 1 then have upsells for Product 2, 3 & 4 or the Combo.
3. Or just bundle everything for 1 price of $299.99

I would be offering 75% commissions on the product(s)

I'm thinking it might be easiest just to bundle them all together to make it easiest and most profitable for everyone.
However if I do that I'll be missing out on building my list using the free product.

Question 2. Is there a method I can use do a $20 coupon e-mail that an affiliate would also get paid for?

I would love to keep the Free product in exchange for an E-mail. But I don't know how that would work when I hit that customer with the coupon.

Have any of you had the same issues with multiple products + having affiliates?
Thanks for any advice.
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