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Do You Blog or brand yourself or promote yourself and your services by blogging?

Does blogging helps you in any way?

Share your blog(s) if you wish.

Thank you
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    I personally blog and in the process of building a new site to brand myself. There are other mixtures of course but look at people like Pat Flynn. He always delivers great content and works on numerous projects. So it depends how you personally would want to take blogging.

    This isn't really the place for sharing blogs, but in any case I would still say that if your business model is suitable for blogging, then yes you should be doing it
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      yes! I am WordPress blogger, and I am promoting my business with my writing. I am a product review writer for physical product in Amazon, I also tried writing virtual product but I prefer writing about physical product. I also have tumblr site to post a picture of the physical product, and link it to my WordPress. That is how I generate visitor to my blog, free and I am really enjoy doing it.
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        I don't blog yet but I'd say it totally works.....today for example, I asked a question on this forum re Flippa experiences..I received a helpful reply from someone referring to a guest post they had written...I went to this guest post and from there to the guest writers blog..and I signed up to their list.

        So Blogging and posting helpful blogging posts clearly is a good way to drive traffic/advertise yourself
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    Yea blogging helps out a lot because it's the one true form of content that search engine wills always rank. If you produce good content, it will rank high in search engines which will bring you a lot of quality traffic for years to come.

    On one of my blogs, I posted a video and some written content and until this day, it's one of my top performing posts. Sadly, that was when I was new and didn't know what I was doing.

    Doesn't have anything to do with my business but hey it's free traffic.

    The Marketing Menace
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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    Blogging is a great way to brand yourself. I have been blogging for a while now and really enjoying it. There is great potential in blogs because they can drive so much traffic!
    Do you have a website making money and want to sell it? Contact me, I'm looking to buy sites monetized by Amazon and Adsense!!
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    I blog because I have readers who really want to read what I have to say. Also it is the best way to really build my brand in my chosen niche. I'm currently participating in a blogging and list building challenge and it's amazing how much frequent blogging has helped with the number of signups and also how it's helped with sales.

    Blogging certainly isn't for everyone, or for every business model for that matter, but it works for me.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    I blog daily and yes, blogging regularly gives good help.

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    I very much enjoy blogging ... best way to create consistent value with my subscribers. Please have a look and let me know what you think. Check it out here!

    To your success.

    Please do not use affiliate/MLM links in signatures

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    I don't blog but I know of a lot that do and have had great success with it.
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    Yes. In 5 niches I blog (most active in 4 of them publishing 1 to 4 posts a week in each).

    I'll probably slow down my blogging a spend more time in promotion for a few months to see if that increases revenue. I have a lot of decent content on my sites so now it's time to promote and build lists.
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    Yeah I blog but most of the time I am building affiliate sites or building my other business.... so I dont have a great deal of time to do it but still none the less I try and do a blog update once a month :-)

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      Yeah I blog but most of the time I am building affiliate sites or building my other business.... so I dont have a great deal of time to do it but still none the less I try and do a blog update once a month :-)


      I also blog once a month if I feel that I have something to say that's SO BIG in value. Blogging is great because it gets the juices flowing. For now, my main income stream is YouTube marketing and I also love to write once in a while so I do blogging to release some of that excess creative steam.
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    I do blog but only moderately. If blogging helps to increase your income, then you should focus on doing it more. But if blogging is something that hinders (takes up your time, but offers little money) then you should slow down how often you blog.
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    Sure. Blogging is a great way to gain authority in a niche and also to give out value and have the good will bank account growing

    I lie on marketing forums. Social media is for fun, pics & hook ups.

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    Blogging is a new focus of mine in affiliate marketing. Every time I record a product review of something I am promoting, I'm always sure to include a blog post alongside it. I've seen several people here saying that posting reviews helps, so I figured why not tackle both platforms of video and blogging.

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    Yes, I blog quite often, in my opinion here are some of the benefits of blogging:

    Benefit # 1: Fast and simple to get started

    I like wordpress, it's so easy to set up & run. All you need is a domain + hosting.

    Benefit # 2: Easy Integration

    A business blog is relatively easy to integrate into your already existing website - either as a sub-domain or as a section of the site. If you started a blog on a third-party platform, you can either interlink the two or migrate your blog to your domain relatively easily.

    Benefit # 3: Great Marketing and Communication Tool

    Besides social media, blog can provide another form communication between you & your customers / potential customers. Easy tracking feature, comments by visitor will give you a good indication how's your blog is performing.

    Benefit # 4: Flexibility

    You can make use of your blog to express your opinions professionally. Announce your latest product launch, giving out great content to attract more visitors or even promote affiliate offers.

    Benefit # 5: Authority In Your Chosen Niche

    A well manage blog can help you to build creditability & leadership. And this will lead to more sales in the long term.

    Benefit # 6: SEO Advantage

    A well written blog post on a good blog can attract visitors from search engines. Your blog can rank for a number of keywords that your business website does not rank for. New visitors drawn to your blog through these keywords can be directed to your business website, thereby increasing your business footprint, reach and awareness.
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    • Profile picture of the author Adrianne_
      I have a couple wordpress blogs I created. I use
      them as a static website instead of a blogging
      site. I chose to use a blog template instead of
      building a website from scratch because blogs are
      ranked a lot quicker than a webpages. Maybe
      once i start getting some comments, I will begin
      blogging a bit but for right now I'm just using it
      as a static blog.
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    I used to blog a lot over at CBLaunchMaster.com - it was a Clickbank bash blog... I was branding myself as a "robin hood" and it worked well for about a year, slamming CB product launches and recommending other products haha. Made $8500 from that one while it lasted, here's a link to the WSO I created about it: Operation Guru Stomp Bonus

    It's free, no opt-in.

    It was a sweet run at that time but I started getting tired of bashing products, the next serious blog I make won't be in the IM niche haha
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    Who doesn't?

    It's practically a must. I do blog and these days you can even find my blog on the first page of Google for important to my business keywords, also related to my blog, such as "### blog". So if someone looks for "### blog" they are likely to find me.

    Yes, blogging helps. It's yet another way to attract (redirect) traffic for your business.
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    yes i offer a blogging service where i add members blogs to my main blog site i then seo,index,backlink and social share, my blogsite is called infobunny, we rank exceptionally well
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    I've got a few blogs, but have had to take a break - too much for too long. I've got my one site funneled to pulling good traffic through the forum - and my other blog I just abandoned for awhile completely. That one I'll start up again very shortly - changing directions on the site so let it just fold out for now. Blog traffic is so easy to recover that it's good to let it die out if you change your niche. I left up the articles that have any relevance to the new direction, but the rest I just deleted. I'm still organizing a few final thoughts about exactly what I want my flow to consist of. It will be promoting my own products so I have some fuzzy boundaries on what to do with it already.

    I can't actually imagine doing anything without a blog - but then I'm more of a writer than marketer, so it's just natural to me that way.

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    Beyond the Path

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    Blogging is a great way to build relationship with your customers.
    Through blogging, your customer will understand you better and trust your recommendations.

    Blogging is underrated these days. But it will help you tremendously if you did it correctly.
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    I blog because I have what to write about. If you don’t have enough knowledge, blogging is very hard. You’ll have to update your blog all the time with new and interesting posts.

    My blog is helping me sell my ebooks and become known online, but I spend a lot of time writing my articles.

    Blogging is a time consuming activity, and you have to write many articles before seeing positive results. I’m blogging since 2008.

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    I love wordpress blogs, they are great for selling affiliate products. You can actually join empower network or pure leverage for an "authority blog" that tends to rank easier. Or you can buy a domain name and your own hosting and SEO your blog to appear in google search results (1st page). A blog is a necessity for an online business.
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    Im a professional blogger and ive written well over 4K articles in my short career. and yes I do love it
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    In my experience, when you blog with extremely valuable content, you in-turn brand yourself. Once word gets out that your blogs are value based content, the masses will seek you out. Thus you begin to brand yourself.
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    I absolutely love to blog. It gives me an opportunity to educate those in my respective niche and also a chance to communicate on an ongoing basis. If you're doing any type of email follow up with your list, I think a blog is very important. You can send out an email broadcast to them informing them of something relevant to them in a moments notice and they then have the ability to just click and check it out.

    It's quite different from a static website because it is more alive. It is who you are and what you are about. As others have said, it gives you a chance to stand out and brand yourself in your market. It also gives you the privilege of building a long term relationship with those who has join your newsletter.
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    i would think blogging is old school now......?
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    Definitely - but as with everything online you must evolve. Integrating video (think video of the week update, series of tutorials via blog, etc...) that you can use to promote your Youtube videos. Bring in graphics, including infographics that both send a message and advertise your other landing pages - you can share those on Pintrest, Google + and post them on your blog as well as podcasting...all of these offer great content syndication and cross-marketing potential that really pulls in traffic when done correctly.

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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    I like blogging. It helps to build a relationship with my list, and gives them a sample of my personality. Plus it's also a good way to sell and suggest products. As far as a "brand" goes... i aim to make my list view me as an expert - instead of the rest of the world.
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    yes, I am a blogger. it helps me a lot to gain trust from my client. I have a blog targeted for college student, so I need to look wise and trustworthy. I show my face in there, promoting skill books. I'm also able to build a list, A LOT QUICKER than my previous squeeze page.
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    It's worth doing as it can help to build your brand and communicate with your audience.
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    But blogging is not only to brand yourself but to network and educate... To portray your passion in some cases
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    As a long-time IM wannabe who spent years getting nowhere, it's only since starting from scratch and setting up a blog that I've made any sort of progress. I think that it's an excellent tool to relate to your visitors in a versatile, personable way.

    In a short time I've already learned so much from doing this, have started getting traffic to my site for the first time, have started to build my list and have made some valuable contacts and built some great relationships.

    Even if blogging isn't the main focus of your business I think that it's a valid and useful platform that shouldn't be overlooked.
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    I enjoy blogging! It's one of the best ways to brand yourself online in my opinion. I don't spend as much time as I'd like to doing it, but it's fun. I've also learned a ton just by reading other blogs in my niche.
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    Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post

    Do You Blog or brand yourself or promote yourself and your services by blogging?

    Does blogging helps you in any way?
    I blog and I love it. I blog daily - sometimes more than once a day at my blog. I've built an entire community there - not a forum, but a community of amazing people who support each other and it's really unique from what you usually see.

    Blogging helps with branding, exposure, traffic and sales.

    I blog about the following:

    * Tutorials - walk-throughs and tips

    * Product reviews - I implement and do a case study on products

    * Mindset - success, motivation and lots of butt kicks

    * Vlogs - chatting visually with my customers to build an even better connection

    Tons of stuff

    What I DON'T do is blog sterile articles. My blog is ALL personality, opinion and bluntness. Just the way I like it.

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    • Profile picture of the author woodland
      blogging is a great to interact with the community that you're part of. I think its a pretty intimate way of reaching out to people without clogging up their email inbox.

      Its a platform where you can share knowledge, help those who come to you and its just one stream of creating awareness of who you are and what you do.. The great thing about blogging is that it also allows those who come to your blog to interact with each other in a way that isn't as easy if you'd been using a traditional website.

      So many use a blog now than a formal website
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  • Profile picture of the author Henri Lind
    Yes, i do, now. Just started tho
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    Blogging its just a perfec way for brand ourselves, we can put all our feelings in a couple of words and connect perfectly with our avatar or audience.
    Best Regards

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  • Profile picture of the author DerekGann
    Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post

    Do You Blog or brand yourself or promote yourself and your services by blogging?

    Does blogging helps you in any way?
    Yes I do. Blogging help me in may ways. I get many of my clients using my blogs.

    Blogging help me learning new things and branding my self.
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  • Profile picture of the author craig crawford
    Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post


    Do You Blog or brand yourself or promote yourself and your services by blogging?

    Does blogging helps you in any way?

    Share your blog(s) if you wish.

    Thank you
    Hey man, I have literally started doing it as a kinda task/ mission I have been set! I am providing FREE content though, but eventually going to build an income and then use paid traffic to monetize it properly... one hour a day! 60 days gotta turn $100 into $600! lol

    Its FUN!

    Good luck with your ventures!

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    Yes I've just started, but a I got on WordPress.com and I'm thinking maybe I should have done different, as WP does not allow affiliate advertising.
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  • Profile picture of the author StevenJones
    Doing 5 figures a month right now, which includes blogging. So yes it helps.
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    • Profile picture of the author SEOAiko
      I started a blog about cycling last year but lost interest in keeping it. It's not that I made it to use as a tool to earn money eventually, it's just that... I felt like doing it. Lol

      I miss blogging. I'm thinking to set up a blog which would be more like my online diary :p
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      • Profile picture of the author livitweb
        Yes, I do blog. And I think it does help your site a lot. I have several blogs that are of different niches, and I relate them to the websites that I have put up. Some of my sites do not contain content, just squeeze pages and stuff like that, so I create a blog where I put up great content and then point my visitors to the squeeze page that I set up.

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    I blog and \I found it interesting especially when I am making some cash. My sites have really helped me in terms of income generation.
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  • Yes, I blog.

    Not always for branding or promoting though. Just to get out, what is on my mind.. Sounds stupid, but it is actually really good, try it. :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author Cameron Fulton
    I just started blogging last month after being in the the Internet world for 7 years now. And I must say that all the above that people are posting is very true.

    It is a great way for traffic and making money online. I was listening to a call earlier and he was saying that he 30k from his blog in one month based from a niche that he didn't even think would work. He was a newbie and stumbled on it by mistake..... I am no where near making this much from my blog, I do in my other businesses.

    I love blogging it helps me to help others easier. I highly recommend it.
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  • Profile picture of the author tyronne78
    I love blogging for various reasons, check them out below:

    1. It's a platform for expression
    2. Blogging will be around long term (can't say that about Facebook,Twitter,etc)
    3. The search engines love em!
    4. The more you blog the better you get
    5. It's your "homebase" where people can learn more about who you are and what you do
    6. I love wordpress
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