Just bought 10 dropped domains... What should I do with them?

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I just bought 10 domain names that were recent drops. What should I do with them?

The domain names are as follows:

200horas.com PR2
camera-flashes.com PR1
gpsget.com PR3
c745.com PR2
jerseyregion.com PR1

Estibot values range from $160-$4200. My initial goal was to flip them, but what would you do with them? What could I expect to sell them for? I obviously don't expect to sell them for estibot prices.. lol.. What a wonderful world that would be to live in...

Thanks in advance for your help. Stay strong!

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    The ones with PR (if it's genuine), set up sites and sell links. I'd let the rest expire. They're worth nothing.

    Good luck!
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    I hope you did not pay a lot for those.....all no value as far as a domain name alone. Build mini sits to them and maybe just have a adsense network but as far as the name alone $0
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    Not sure but I'd be real careful having a domain containing a persons name, especially when it refers to a celebrity baseball players issues with steroids, it in itself could be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    I always avoid buying domains with trademarks, since some of my first domain purchases contained the words; twitter, facebook, celebrities, etc... While I never used them or incurred any legal action, I lost $40 -$50 bucks when a warrior informed me these names can be illegal to use, and infringe on trademark or copyrights.

    AS far as the 'flipping' of domains, good luck in your journey, I never had much luck myself. Most highly valued domains either have a rich history, dictionary word, or are sought after for branding purposes.

    In that regard, just buying cheap domains and selling them can be done but it usually requires you marketing to people who may have a vested interest in those names, I receive tons of emails offering relevant domains to mine, which I NEVER purchase.

    As suggested above, build some mini-sites or niche blogs, optimize them, get some traffic, and then sell the whole website on Flippa or similar platforms. Not saying domain flipping cannot be profitable, but in my experience, I had a rude awakening after buying 250+ domains.

    Good Luck.


    PS - estibot is total BS, don't believe any of that crap! The only real value a domain holds as itself is what someone is willing to pay for it, and how good you are at marketing them... and as I said; I apparently sucked at it, lol.
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      Originally Posted by art72 View Post

      PS - estibot is total BS, don't believe any of that crap! The only real value a domain holds as itself is what someone is willing to pay for it, and how good you are at marketing them... and as I said; I apparently sucked at it, lol.
      I agree, i cant see where the valuations come from and to be honest a domain is only worth what someones else is willing to pay for it.

      Also a word of caution, the domains with PR, do something with them quickly as I bought several PR4's 2 months ago and sat on them thinking i would get round to building a sites on them and within 6 weeks Google slapped them both to PR1, you have been warned

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    Dude, I'm not really picking on your but do you realize how stupid your question is? And how silly your actions were?

    "I bought something... what should I do with it?"

    You've done it backwards. Figure out what you're going to do, then go do it. I congratulate you for taking action but blind, random action is probably worse than doing nothing at all. At least you'd still have the $100 in your bank account.
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      Who's he?

      EDIT: Nevermind. I looked him up. Baseball player.
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    BarryBondsSteroids (trademark - trouble)
    ClubMakingProducts (not worth registration fee)
    CarRentalKona.com (best in this list, but a very hard sell - car rentals are usually major corps., very hard to reach decision maker)
    200horas.com PR2 (meaningless, no commercial value)
    camera-flashes.com PR1 (not worth registration fee)
    gpsget.com PR3 (not worth registration fee)
    murrietarealtors.com (trademark - trouble)
    c745.com PR2 (meaningless, no commercial value)
    jerseyregion.com PR1 (not worth registration fee)
    homeownersinsuranceonlinequotes.com (not worth registration fee)
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    I'll suggest to flip those domain.Just install wordpress and a good looking theme and add some content then prepare for flip.I think at least you'll get your investment back by flipping.Thanks
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    Well, as Gene said, there's not much there that's worth anything and you've already spent money to buy them (I hope not much). I wouldn't spend any money on listing them anywhere. Be a very hard sell.

    Estibot valuations are fairly worthless, as are all automatic valuations.
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  • So you bought something without knowing what to do with it? :8
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    You should add all of them in sedo to try your luck or you may try ebay/godaddy auctions.
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    C745 is Interesting, a little.

    I doubt the rest are worth anything. A couple with tms may have negative value.
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