2,158 Views From **1 Ad** On Craigslist! + How Its Done.

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This is in a local niche that definitely doesn't get huge volumes of traffic.

The most highly searched term that I target gets 580 exact searches a month in google.

Most of our other keywords are 300 searches/month and lower. Some I'm targeting are as low as 16 exact searches a month.

However, this is traffic thats worth a great deal of money.

So whats the catch?

Well, it took 2 months for this 1 ad to recieve that amount of views on Craigslist.

I'm going to explain something that I consider a crucial error when most people post on Craigslist.

Just look at as many ads as you can, very few people use this "technique". For most folks who post, their minds are warped into this instant gratification mode. They think, "I need to keep posting and stay at the top to get traffic".

Don't get me wrong, I get a lot of posting done, and it definitely helps.

But what helps even more, is thinking LONG TERM. Which NOBODY does in regards to CL.

I have been tracking/testing this for a while, and the difference is very significant.

If you go to your local home page on Craigslist, for my area it would be:

craigslist: central NJ classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events

And you look at the page, you'll notice something really hi-tech going on.

There is a little box all the way up top on the left with the phrase "search craigslist". It allows people landing on that page, to type in a phrase and SEARCH CRAIGSLIST.

I know I know. You're thinking "no shit sherlock".

But when I look at that box, I see gold. I see the same thing I see when I look at googles home page. Tons of people going to it everyday, to type in keywords they search for.

Many different keywords.

So ask yourself, how many of these keywords do you actually put in your ads?

It's not enough to just put your services in your ads. You need to target specific keywords preferably on the bottom of the ad.

It is in a way keyword stuffing, but I never abuse it. And for my own ads, I've never gotten flagged for it. Likely because I never see anyone do it. I generally put about 50-100 "tags" on the bottom of every ad I do. And even though these ads quickly fall off the top of the page, they CONTINUE to get traffic for months after they are posted, right up untill the point they are deleted from CL.

I will get calls 6 weeks after I posted an ad.

And I always put tracking in all my ads, to test different combinations of keywords. If I told people this, they probably wouldn't believe it. But headlines are very insignificant when it comes to CL. Of course you want the best headlines you can think of. You also want great copy. But I get a much higher volume of traffic just by using the right keywords, enough of them, and thinking long term.

You can use imgur to track your ads for free. Do one with a great headline, how you normally post. Then another ad with a not so good headline, but all the right keywords.

Track both ads for a few months, you'll notice a much higher volume of traffic in the ad that has all your keywords.

Finally, if you use image ads, I would plug the text keywords on the bottom. This is something you don't need to go insane with in every ad. The concept to realize is that many people are just searching right in the box. A lot of these people won't even navigate for specific sections. And you always want to keep a few recent ads for those types of searches. You don't need tons of them everyday. Its all about the keywords and just having them so a recent ad always pops up when people search.

That is the "secret".

Don't abuse it (you don't need to).

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    I don't do a lot with craigslist, at least not right now, but this technique is definitely something I have employed when I do. 99% of people posting on craigslist don't use it. Great tip for getting that extra traffic!
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      I use that feature often.

      It's amazing what people will overlook on the surface.

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    This was something that took me about 3 months just to figure out, when I was a newbie to CL. I noticed it when I happened to keyword stuff in 1 of my ads, then stopped posting for a month or so.. as I was expecting immediate phone calls and wasn't getting them.

    However, that entire month I was gradually getting calls from people. A lot of them said they saw my ad on Craigslist and I was thinking "but I haven't posted in like a month?"

    Then I decided to start tracking my ads and noticed that this was having a major impact on my long term traffic. Ads that I don't do this with, they get about 10% the volume of traffic.

    So for anyone who uses CL, make sure you are doing this!

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