If you could have a bot that did anything...

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What would it be?
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    Personally I enjoy performing all of the IM tasks.

    Unless you're referring to an actual ROBOT, then I'd want one that would get me my coffee.
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    One that would watch all those stupid and useless Youtube videos for me so I could finally get to work.

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      Do my make-up in the morning

      "Pay bananas, expect monkeys." -John Moore

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    Coffee bot.


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    The thing is though, although I enjoy doing them I also enjoy getting them done dozens of times faster.
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    Drive traffic and answer all my emails.
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      Unlimited amount of targeted traffic to my offers

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    create youtube videos from text to speech


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    I would like a bot that goes out and checks all the posts I make on other people's blogs to see if and when my posts have been approved. Give me the url of the post, when approved and dump that data and into an easy to manage interface that can be managed and input the social book marking sites that the post link has been placed

    It could even have a little alert message that appears on the desktop to let you know that another post has been approved.

    It could also search for other blogs that have posted on a similar subject as one of my posts and add a list of those blogs that match each post I have made.

    This would save a lot of time when creating back real mutilevel back links to my blog and finding other blogs to post on.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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    Unlimited BUYER targeted traffic!
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    ★ ★ ★ Introducing THE BRUTAL TRUTH About Internet Marketing! ★ ★ ★
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    What I really need is a droid who understands the binary language of moisture vaporators.
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      It would auto-ignore "Why was my thread deleted?" posts here on the WF.

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    Vacuuming, mopping floors, laundry and dishes
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    I'd want a droid that's fluent in over six million forms of communication.

    Its expertise?

    Etiquette and protocol.
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    Something like magicsubmitter that doesn't cost $67 a month.

    If I want to use it for 1 year thats $804.
    2 years = $1608

    This is why I hate subscription based software.

    Make something like magicsubmitter, then sell it for $250, and I'll buy it.

    I understand that it does a lot, but for 1 month of magic submitter you can a lifetime license for scrapebox.

    I wish the owners of scrapebox would make more/better software. Because they know how to charge fair prices. When you also factor in the risk of using most software, if anything, that should bring the price down.
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    I haven't heard of magic submitter, I'll check it out
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    I user Senuke to automate some SEO work and getting great success. But keypoint is i normally use Unique Content during submission and longer periods to look it more natural. Also i use landing pages to target only. You can think about it.

    RedShifted has rightly said, i do hate subscription software but since Senukex is paying me back, I am happy to have it.
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    I would have a bot that would drive highly targeted traffic to my websites and cpa offers, but that will never happen, so maybe something that makes coffee.
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    I would get a construction job making no less than 25$ an hour and no less than 50 hours per week. Then I would sit at home and continue writing.
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