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Hey everyone!

Just installed OP onto my blog and activated the theme, but when I click on "visit site" everything has gone??

Yet in my dashboard all my settings, plugins, posts etc are all there.

For now I have reverted back to my old theme till I can figure this one out!

How do you get all your existing content to show in the new OP theme? Please don't tell me I have to start all over again in OP!!!

Hoping you can help and many thanks!

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    I tend to keep my blog where it is and install OP into a seperate folder & use it for sales pages.
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    You have to set a home page via the reading settings.

    Whatever page you were using for home, go to reading settings and set it there. OP should show your content after that....

    You also have to utilize the theme templates a lot.

    Originally Posted by troy23 View Post

    I tend to keep my blog where it is and install OP into a seperate folder & use it for sales pages.
    Yea I do that too. It doesn't have the best blog setup.. Great for sales & squeeze pages though...
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    You need to register your site with OptimizePress. I believe the information is located in the OptimizePress section of your Wordpress Dashboard.
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    Oh, and if you want to use the blog, you have to create a blank page (not a post) it whatever you want, and set the page template to Blog Template. Then you can set your home page to a static page, and use that blog page as the homepage. It won't be static, though. It will be your blog.
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    Hey man! Yeah, OP doesn't immediately transfer your site into itself, you would have to do some conversion.

    If you want to integrate it all in to OP... You are going to have to go manual!!! :O... going in to the files via ftp and copy and paste the main body of copy etc in to each page etc.

    DennisKnows is bang on I reckon... that's probably the quickest solution! GOod luck my friend

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    step 1: register your site on the optimize press website.

    step 2: Make sure you go to settings->reading->set home page like so.

    step 3:
    Give each of your pages a blog template

    that should do the trick
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    WOW! Guys......thanks so much for all your help! Off to sort it now! Will report back when I've got it sussed. Man I wish I used to be an I.T. manager LOL!

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    Well Guys it's all installed now!

    What I have ended up doing is creating another directory and installing it in there so that my blog for now remains as is, but I have all the tools of OP in a forward slash directory for creating my sales pages etc! Had a little play last night and WOW! It's freekin awesome!

    Thanks for all the help here on the thread and a huge shout out to Shaolin Steve for jumping on skype last night to help me out! Really appreciated that buddy!

    Time to start creating my squeeze and sales page for my new product!!

    For a non-techie person I'm actually getting just a little bit excited about the progress I'm making!!

    Couldn't have done it without your help though!

    Many Thanks,

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