make 350$ per month from 1200 list(IM niche) is good? avarge? low?

by gil12
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Thanks alot!
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    If the list is responsive, I don't see why not, could make more than $350/month.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    You average about $1 per person on your list...
    Here's The #1 Way To Earn Money As An Author - And I'll Prove It To You!
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    Can do it better! Try building relationship with your list and provide value to them. Also, don't forget to keep increasing your list size!

    I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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    Originally Posted by gil12 View Post

    make 350$ per month from 1200 list(IM niche) is good? avarge? low?
    Oh dear ... you're still looking at it quantitatively? This discussion, some 12 hours ago, didn't help you much, then?

    The fact that you're asking all these questions is one of the (many) reasons why building a list in IM-related markets/niches is the absolute last thing you should be wanting to do.

    But, to answer your question, $350 per month from a 1,200 list in the IM niche is lower than average. It's true that lists in the IM niche do notoriously produce well below average incomes anyway, but I'm pretty sure that would be low, even for IM niches.
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      Originally Posted by drunkenmonkey View Post

      Ask all those guys if they agree with you.

      Alexa EVERY single one of those guys to the exception of 2 that I actually KNOW myself are doing 7 figs EASILY per year. No Sweat. In fact most of them are in the 8 figs bracket.
      Yes, and if they weren't in IM they would be making a lot more... like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet...

      The people you list make so little money you wouldn't even have heard of them if you weren't in IM.

      Wake up and look outside your box.
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      Originally Posted by drunkenmonkey View Post

      You think so do you??
      You've taken me (by no means for the first time) as saying something totally different from what I intended, DM.

      This time, admittedly, I left myself open for that, by not taking the trouble to clarify by including some specific words like "on a per subscriber, per month basis".

      I'm not for a moment suggesting that people like the marketers you've mentioned necessarily have "lower incomes" than others, or "lower than average", just because they're involved in IM niches. I don't know what their incomes are and neither do you.

      My guess is that you're the only person here, reading my post above, who would have chosen to interpret my comment that way. But given the way you habitually follow me around from thread to thread trying to pick holes in whatever I've said here, I shouldn't be hugely surprised by that, and I freely admit that on this occasion I could have expressed myself (but failed to) in such a way that even you couldn't have twisted what I said.

      I strongly suspect (in fact I know) that a number of people here would be happy if you'd simply put me on your ignore list so that my posts "trouble" you no further.
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    Generally you will make $1 per subscriber on your list per month. So I think that making only $350 would actually be not too great in my honest opinion. But your goal should always be regardless to continue to grow your list size larger and larger and develop a better relationship with your list subscribers.
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      Originally Posted by Malcolm Thomas View Post

      Generally you will make $1 per subscriber on your list per month.
      Who told you that?
      Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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          Originally Posted by Malcolm Thomas View Post

          My experience.
          Then I'm afraid you are selling yourself short.
          Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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            Originally Posted by Martin.Avis View Post

            Then I'm afraid you are selling yourself short.
            I read now that good responsive should be around 0.5 per email.
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        Originally Posted by Martin.Avis View Post

        Who told you that?

        I think we all need to look at who is giving these
        "statements of fact" and compare what they are
        saying versus what they are actually doing.

        When you look at some of the big names in the
        above post...some of which have 30k, 50k, 100k
        and up you really think they are
        making $30k-$100k/month just from their list?

        Focus on your own numbers and tweak your own
        numbers and you will excel. It's a very dangerous
        practice to use someone else's business as a yard-
        stick for your success...because there are just too
        many variables going on in their business that you
        are not privy to.

        I wasted a lot of time, money, energy and peace of
        mind accepting statements like the $1 an email avg.

        If my email conversion rates were only $1/month
        per sub, I'd be very disappointed. In fact, I lost a
        great deal of money believing in the $1 an email
        average...before I got wise to the game.

        IMO $350 for that list size is nothing to sneeze at,
        especially if you are just starting out, that's...

        A car payment?
        A utility payment?
        An overnight get away?

        Here's what I recommend. Look at the quality of the
        people on your list. Are they the type of people you
        want to do business with? If you make them a solid
        offer, will they pull out their credit cards or are they
        freebie seekers? Are they blowing up your help desk?

        Then, decide how you want to deliver value to that
        list. I email daily and do mini launches weekly so I
        have a higher per dollar value for each member on
        my list...but you may not be as aggressive.

        Final suggestion...

        Decide what you want from your business...from your
        email list, decide on the strategy you will use to reach
        that goal...then put blinders on make that happen.

        You're on the right path...keep up the great work!
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          Originally Posted by sabatek View Post

          You average about $1 per person on your list...
          Originally Posted by Malcolm Thomas View Post

          Generally you will make $1 per subscriber on your list per month.
          The important word here is YOU. You guys might only make $1 per subscriber per month or expect only $1 per subscriber per month... but I certainly wouldn't settle for that. I'm not sure who ever created that figure and led people to believe that's what they should expect. But it's just that... a figure quoted by a few marketers. It means nothing.

          I make double figures per subscriber per month... and it's not rocket science. Don't treat your list like a money tree, look after their best interests, and you will get rewarded. But if you treat your list like most do in this industry, you'll definitely struggle to make $1 per subscriber per month.
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    $350 a month is not bad at all. It is just a matter of growing a responsive list with trust, rapport and great advice. Once you have this nailed down you can start promoting products and earn further commissions
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    Originally Posted by gil12 View Post

    Thanks alot!
    I don't think it's low - maybe below average. Try to find the subscribers who haven't opened your emails for a long time (1-3 months), and remove them from your list. You might end up with a smaller list, but it's actually a good thing. One more thing: you can always improve your copywriting skills, and this way your earnings will increase. If you don't know how or what to improve, find a mentor and invest in your education. With a help of a good mentor you can easily double your earnings.
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    And i forget to thanks! you welcome to close this thread!
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    Definitely below average. However, it depends on a lot of things such as how you acquired the list, what your relationship is with them and what kind of products you're promoting to them. If you improve any of those factors, your income will increase.

    Publish your digital course at We create the video sales letter, drive affiliate traffic and split the profits with you. If you want to start making money by teaching online, submit your application here.

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    I believe your are doing very good in this economy. I saw a big drop off in sales when the economy started to go bad. This $1 per list member is just a marketing gimack.

    You now know that when your list gets to 10,000, you'll have about a $35,000 a year business. If the economy begins to turn around that could double.

    The important thing is you are seeing a positive effect from your list building efforts.

    many people get discouraged with their list building efforts an discouragement is the first step to quiting. I don't know why there are so many negative people in this thread.

    Best regards,
    Steve Yakim
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      Well they say the average is around 1 dollar per subscriber but it really depends from where you are getting the subscribers and the kind of marketing and relationship you have with them... after all i'd say it's not that bad... but can be improved
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    'They' are always saying that the average is $1 per subscriber per month. But I have never seen any evidence for this.

    It seems to me that it is a figure plucked out of the air to sell something.

    Nobody can know what the 'average' is because none of us share our actual results. Why would we!

    My business online is largely based on publishing an ezine and the truth is that if I was making as little as that I would probably not bother. My list may not represent the average - it is known to be more responsive than many - but I don't believe that I am anything special. Successful email marketing is a lot more than just sending out an ad every day, or writing a 'worthy' article now and again. Do that and whatever the fictional average is you will be on the wrong side of it.

    But write a newsletter that people want to read, communicate effectively, treat your readers as friends (and not as cash cows) and above all respect them and monthly earnings of $3 -$5 per subscriber are easily within reach. Or a lot more.

    Of course, as others have said, the absolute number of subscribers you have is totally irrelevent. It is the ones that look forward to opening and reading what you send them that matter.
    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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    If you build your list from solo ads, it's very hard for me to believe you can earn 1$ a month per subscriber. If you do all the right things however and got a very responsive buyer's list, i can see this happening though.

    It all depends on how you treat your list, where you get subscribers from and what niche you are targeting.
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      Look, there's no great big mystery about this, whether people (or drunken monkeys) want to argue about it or not.

      The essential point is that some marketers build lists with open-rates about 10% (and however much it might make me shudder, that can still be a perfectly viable business model for them, if they're spending little enough on building them and building huge enough lists in the first place), while others - in completely different ways - are building perhaps-smaller lists with open-rates many times as high as that. This is simply factual. I know because I'm one of them.

      What matters is how much money you're making from your list, compared with your costs - not necessarily how much money per subscriber. You earn more by having a list of 100,000 people that brings you an average of $0.25 per month per subscriber than you do from a list of 20,000 people that brings you an average of $1 per subscriber. This is just an arithmetical reality.

      Some types of lists have huge numbers of subscribers but typically very low open-rates, and their income per subscriber is obviously lower. It depends how the lists are built. They may still produce more income.

      Open-rates are a huge factor in all of this.

      Five of the main things that commonly make open-rates lower are ...
      • building lists from squeeze pages rather than from an opt-in on a content-rich site
      • building lists from SEO/social media traffic
      • building lists in IM/MMO-related niches
      • failure to offer (in exchange for people's email addresses) a PDF/report which was specifically designed and created in order to brand yourself and your name/pen-name and maximize the open-rate for the subsequent emails as explained here
      • failure to set subscribers' expectations appropriately before they opted in
      That's not to say (before any drunken monkeys incorrectly quote me as having said it! ) that even doing all of that will necessarily mean your business isn't viable.

      But it will mean that your open-rates and your earnings per subscriber are lower than if you don't do those things.

      That doesn't necessarily mean you'll earn less, overall.

      Even for monkeys, it shouldn't be all that difficult to understand, I think ... if they're willing to look at the broader picture.
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    Just keep going and just scale it up from there. At least you have a numbers that you can play with and you can always try to improve the conversion from there. For me personally, although the IM market is very competitive, I feel that there are lots of money to be make in this market.

    Just keep going forward
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